city edge new capital

The City Edge New Capital project, Al Maqsad, is proud to be the very first project to open its gates in the area. Al Maqsad is offering you a real real estate experience. What does that even mean? Basically it means that the project is like a city on its own with all the amenities you might ever need, already in there. But the real difference that allows Al Maqsad New Capital stand out from other real estate projects. Is that City Edge is not just promising a bunch of perks that you can’t see, as Al Maqsad  works on quick delivery.

In addition, living in Al Maqsad will allow you to have first dibs on experiencing any new thing in the country. As it is located in the New Administrative Capital that is planned to be Egypt’s new hub. From multinational companies to international airports, everything is heading to New Capital.

In this article we will present for you in depth all the aspects of Al Maqsad New Capital. In order to help you find the most suitable property for you and your family to enjoy a real experience in!

City Edge New Capital

The highly reputable real estate development company, City Edge, decided to make history. By designing and developing the very first establishment to welcome residents in the New Administrative Capital. There are two district, each one has its own unique collection of properties and landscapes. Keeping in mind that the City Edge New Capital project, Al Maqsad, is in R3 overlooking the Central Park.

Before we go over the features of Al Maqsad project, lets review the plans for the New Administrative Capital itself

New Capital

Established across 170,000 acres of land, the New Administrative Capital is set to become the country’s hub. That includes all the administrative buildings, multinational corporations, international educational institutions and many other important places.

Fully equipped with everything you need, the New Administrative Capital has plenty of residential areas. Which should house approximately 15 million people. It is also worth mentioning that New Administrative Capital has a strategic location,

  • 45 kilometers far from Cairo Downtown
  • 32 kilometers away from Cairo International Airport
  • 55 kilometers from Ain El Sokhna
  • 80 kilometers away from Suez

Imagine if you were one of the first settlers in Cairo, but why imagine when Al Maqsad is here to make you among the first people to live in the New Administrative Capital.

Al Maqsad Location

As previously mentioned, Al Maqsad has a prime location in the R3 area of the New Administrative Capital. In close proximity to

  • Academic City
  • European University
  • CBD
  • Sports City
  • Canadian University
  • Smart City

Additionally, Al Maqsad has full accessibility to all the main roads of the New Administrative Capital. As well as Ain
Al Sokhna road and Suez road.

Al Maqsad City Edge Services & Facilities

After we talked about the benefits of living in the New Administrative Capital and the ideal location of the City Edge New Capital project. Lets take a look on the perks of living in Al Maqsad.

In Al Maqsad you will find countless services and facilities that caters to all your needs and help you live easily. To put that into more perspective, we can divide the amenities of Al Maqsad City edge into two. First there is the amenities of the compound itself, which are

  • Green lush landscapes
  • Cycling lanes
  • Parking spaces for cars and other vehicles
  • Elevators
  • Community service centers
  • 24/7 security
  • A mixed use strip, Mamsha AlMaqsad, that includes retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants and medical clinics

Secondly, there is the amenities you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home, like

  • High speed internet because properties in AlMaqsad have fiber optics cables
  • IP TriplePlay outlets
  • Video intercom IP
  • IPTV

Al Maqsad New Capital Properties

Now let’s talk about the premium properties available for sale in Al Maqsad New Capital. The compound is split into two districts, the first is AlMaqsad Residents which include a collection of 5-story building that contains fully finished apartments. Whereas the second district, AlMaqsad Villas obviously features types of villas such as standalone villas, twin villas and townhouses.

The units have different types of finishing, to ensure that all tastes are satisfied and everyone can find the house of their dreams. There is

  • Modern finishing that is in the shape of bright porcelain reception flooring, HDF wood in all rooms complemented with a clean coat of acrylic paint on walls.
  • Classical finishing which revolves around simplicity and elegance.
  • Mediterranean finishing that is filled with warm colors of the earth with a soothing and calm effect

Keeping in mind, that all properties in AlMaqsad City Edge are delivered fully finished with the highest quality.

Al Maqsad Prices

The newly established project of Al Maqsad has competitive prices. That you will not be able to easily find somewhere else without compromising many of the advantaged Al Maqsad offers you. To understand more, lets take a quick look on some of currently available properties and their price rates

  • There is a townhouse featuring 3 bedrooms and a built up area of 382 sqm for the price of 8.2 million Egyptian pounds.
  • Whereas a twin house that also has 3 bedrooms but with a larger built up area of 413 square meters is valued at a price of 10.1 million Egyptian pounds.
  • There are also standalone villas that feature 3-5 bedrooms with a built up area range of 468-570 square meters. These units have a price range starting from 13.8 million up to 17.2 million Egyptian pounds.
  • Finally there is a three bedroom apartment with a built up area of 145 square meters for the price of 2.3 million Egyptian pounds.

In addition there are properties available for resale in Al Maqsad. Such as a 5 bedroom standalone villas that feature 5 bathrooms and a built up area of 570 square meters for 15.2 million Egyptian pounds.

Please note that the prices and spaces of the available units are constantly updated. For the latest updates of the price list, please check out Al Maqsad New Capital  and Al Maqsad Residences listings.

Get your unit in Al Maqsad New Capital now through Nawy and live the real experience!