Azzar Reedy Group

Azzar Reedy Group, one of the most beautiful villages of the North Coast, is provided by Reedy Company for Development and Real Estate Investment in cooperation with Dorra Real Estate Company. A few days ago, the door for reservations was opened in a new proposal to be held on the shores of Ras Al-Hikma Bay on the North Coast. Allocating them to a group of villas overlooking the sea directly next to a package of services and amenities in the village, and here is all the information about Azzar North Coast.

Azzar Reedy Group

The Azzar North Coast project is being build on a land area of ​​about 125 acres.

And work has been done on that space to include a group of different villas with the best services and amenities.

Reedy Real Estate Company also cooperated with Dorra Real Estate Development Company.

And explained that the engineering design came to include each villa with a distinctive view.

And the units were receive at a Super Lux level.

The tourist units in it are limit only to various villas such as (townhouses, twin houses, and stand-alone).

And the village was design on several terraces, and each villa within the village has either its beach or Crystal Lagoon.

The services in the Azzar North Coast occupy more than two-thirds of the area.

Making it one of the most beautiful service villages in Ras Al-Hikma.

Azzar Compound Location

Among the advantages that were borne by the North Coast Azzar Village.

Which was receive and inhabited in full, is the distinguished location.

And Reedy Real Estate Company continues this feature through the Azar Island Ras Al Hekma project.

Azzar Islands North Coast overlooks one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Which is Ras El Hekma Bay, located at km 182.

  • Azzar is only 10 minutes away from El Dabaa Road.
  • Close to Sidi Abdel Rahman and the new city of El Alamein.
  • Its proximity to Fouka Road, which serves as a link between Cairo and the North Coast directly.

Azzar Reedy Group Prices

Here the company offers an opportunity at the lowest prices with different installment methods.

  • Villas’ prices range from 2,900 million Egyptian pounds.

Please note that the prices and spaces of the available units are constantly updated. For the latest update on the price list, please click on the Azzar North Coast compound.

Payment Plans

Reedy company has provided a package of installment systems that make you own a villa with unique designs directly on the sea with the lowest possible down payment on the longest repayment period and without any interests or additional payments only on the Azzar Islands North Coast.

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