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Cityscape 2021

Cityscape Overview

Cityscape is an annual international property exhibition in Egypt. It provides the real estate industry with a unique opportunity to gather home buyers in one place.

Cityscape, the top event for real estate investment, development, and networking in Egypt, comes back from 22-25 September 2021 at the Egypt International Exhibition Center to celebrate its 10th anniversary (EIEC). Visit and explore new investment possibilities, unique deals, household projects, and compounds in Egypt and beyond, to investors and homebuyers. In the previous decade, Cityscape has become the most well-known real estate event brand in Egypt, bringing in thousands of people from the Middle East and North Africa to attend its events.

Who is behind the event?

Cityscape Egypt is one of the divisions of Informa PLC’s Informa Markets unit. Informa is a top-rated events, intelligence, and academic research company that is internationally recognised. They’re dedicated to supporting the specialists. Through hundreds of companies in specialty areas, they help businesses and professionals. They assist their clients expand their network, access information, and have opportunities that allow them to thrive, perform, and gain wisdom and understanding.

Why Visit Cityscape 2021?

Real estate investment and development in Egypt is its most renowned, important, and high-value industry event. Cityscape brings investors and homebuyers chances to explore, discover, and find special deals, housing developments, and compounds in Egypt and other countries. Growth in the Egyptian cityscape is inspired by its diversity in 2021. The event will act as a catalyst for jump-starting Egypt’s real estate industry by bringing the country’s most prominent people and market players together in a secure atmosphere.

To meet more than 50 regional and international property developers who are selling homes and investment possibilities in Egypt starting at only half a million EGP, you’ll need to attend this event. On top of that, you’ll be able to do price comparisons, view projects, and compare pricing all in one go. And you’ll be able to have a dialogue with industry professionals who will help ensure a first-rate purchasing procedure. You may also take advantage of exclusive bargains, specials, and an exclusive payment plan for exhibition attendees.

  • Come face-to-face with the finest and most trusted developers in Egypt.
  • It’s time to go back to work: you should be making connections with industry leaders and helping the Egyptian real estate sector revive.
  • For homebuyers, one of the best places to find their future home is via exploring their ideal property.
  • Take a look at the latest properties with branded offers that provide customers the largest selection of five-star living from the best developers.
  • Only for event attendees, get special access to property discounts and deals.
  • By saving the time you’d waste on hunting out properties, comparing projects or making comparisons or scheduling meetings at several places, you’ll save time to spend on your own lively pleasures.

Some Exhibitors in Cityscape 2021

Ajna Developments in Cityscape

Established in 2019 to alter the traditional view of contemporary living in Egypt, Ajna masterfully conceptualised its design to reinvent the concept of integrated living by offering spaces that embody ultimate elegance and tranquilly while creating places where people feel at home. Featured in Cityscape, Ajna aims to make a splash by introducing a new standard for the modern house that goes above its expectations. By building environments that last, Ajna hopes to revolutionise people’s perceptions of what a space is.

Akam Developments in Cityscape

Akam aspires to be the dominant real estate developer in the Middle East, and one of the fastest growing property development companies in the region. Akam is constantly at the top of all of its real estate development projects, starting with Cairo’s New Capital, striving to become the leader in innovation. Additionally, Akam provides consumers, investors, and clients the best return on investment, providing them with a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art residential community.

Al-Futtaim Real Estate Development in Cityscape

Al Futtaim has become a regional building and development symbol in the Middle East and North Africa. Al-Futtaim has secured the future potential of the development by committing to honesty, virtue, and social responsibility. Al Futtaim has a range of different, astonishing projects that include Dubai Festival City, Cairo Festival City, and Doha Festival City.

AlTameer Arabian in Cityscape

Al-Tameer Arabian was formed by Eng Marzouk Mansour and Eng Salem El Sodais, two of the most prominent engineering experts, to complete their exact executive planning and effective administration. In the decades past, an extensive number of projects have had their names inscribed to a multitude of them in the Middle East and North Africa, notably the gulf area. AlTameer is behind three developments: Rivan, Rivan Square, and Rivan Tower, all located in the New Administrative Capital. The Rivan area, which is located in R7, the most exclusive neighbourhood in the new capital, caters to the city’s diplomatic quarter.

Castle Developments in Cityscape

ABC Construction Company, which has been operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1982, has just begun a new development project called Castle Development. The current emphasis in Egyptian castle development is on projects with all-round real estate, encompassing residential, commercial, and administrative sectors. Founded in 2018, the business has a paid capital of EGP 1 billion, with EGP 4.5 billion of investments split among its three projects in the New Capital region, including its flagship project, Castle Landmark, located in R7 Zone in the New Administrative Capital.


The company El Attal is a long-time fixture in the construction industry, with over 50 years of tradition and a reputation for trust and integrity. The company’s primary focus is residential, industrial, commercial, and public sector construction and restoration with high-end quality and innovation. El Attal Holding oversees four subsidiary firms (ATTCON, AGD, SPATIUM, and JOSOUR) that deal with real estate development from various viewpoints.

Gates Developments in Cityscape

It all began in 1996 with construction passion. Gates Developments, a real estate development firm, has shown they can create long-lasting buildings. They know that their work is about building quality, and not about short-term projects. In 2018, Gates’s other partners made a series of real estate investments, investing in building, construction, and marketing under one roof. Thus, they are extremely familiar with the criteria for valuable assets. creating a comprehensive value chain that involves the many stages of conception, design, funding, marketing, sales, and customer service.

Hyde Park in Cityscape

Hyde Park Developments is the owner and developer of the Hyde Park residential and commercial complex in New Cairo, spanning 6 million square metres. Hyde Park, the new Cairo, is located in the middle of a six hundred thousand square metre park with lush, natural vistas. The company’s new flagship project, Hyde Park new Cairo, has updated its image and offers, introducing new zones and product kinds for the residential and recreational and commercial districts of the project. The Hyde Park official partner will run an upcoming swimming academy.

Inertia in Cityscape

Inertia, founded in 2007, is a subsidiary of Inertia Holding Group and is Egypt’s premier real estate developer. Inertia serves its global customers with exquisite houses and enjoyable lives through different geographic areas such as the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. 10 ventures have been included in Inertia’s portfolio thus far, including assets that range from residences to a whole town throughout Cairo, the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean.

Master Builder Group (MBG) in Cityscape

Founded in 2012, MBG, Master Builder Group, has been in the forefront of the capital’s growth, and it has been instrumental in that development. The MBG group has reached its success in the New Capital thanks to its high-profile real estate ventures, including the White 14 Business Complex, Pukka Compound, and River Green Medical Complex. Medical, residential, commercial, administrative, educational, architectural, construction, and community projects comprise MBG’s scope of work. In addition, MBG has had a long history in the Delta area.

New Plan Developments in Cityscape

A Shareholding firm, New Plan Developments is the first exclusive real estate development business in Egypt, and it’s distinguished as a sought-after executive destination. Our initial project, Serrano, has led the way for phenomenal success and sold out almost immediately. The 11th, Serrano, Atika, Lamborghini, and Granvia projects are exceptional and are located in the New Administrative Capital. And our latest luxury property is located in Port Said’s “Eclat” neighbourhood.

Orascom Development Holding in Cityscape

Orascom Development Holding (ODH) has over 30 years’ experience and has a proven track record of sustainable development, with hotels, private villas and flats, recreational areas like golf courses, marinas, and infrastructure support. The company is the leading developer of fully integrated destinations. The Group’s multifaceted destination portfolio is situated in seven countries (Egypt, UAE, Oman, Switzerland, Morocco, Montenegro and United Kingdom). Nine sites are currently being operated by the Group.

SAK Developments

SAK Developments’ history in the real estate development industry extends back over 35 years. Over 25 projects have been developed, and there are now several live projects throughout Egypt. With over thirty years of business partnership and management experience from multiple generations, and successful project development under the company’s founders, including Kadri Al Ghetani, Samih Al Kishawi, and Ali Al Shahhat, Al Ghetani Group has built a sterling reputation for high-quality results since 1985, including a notable record of landmark developments across the nation.

Saudi Egyptian Developers (SED) in Cityscape

Since 1975, SED has offered Egypt’s real estate sector with extraordinary properties in several cities and governorates. However, it is one of the best known Egyptian real estate developers and is among the first countrywide firms functioning in Egypt. The firm is a joint venture between the Egyptian and Saudi governments, and has completed 24,000 housing units, with more than 114,000 residents. It is also actively working on six additional projects.

Sorouh Developments

A group of visionary shareholders created a young, ambitious real estate developer in 2018, which is striving to distinguish itself as a revolutionary developer by offering the market with cutting-edge communities that will serve intelligent clientele for generations to come. Sorouh’s primary focus is to establish real estate developments in future cities, which will have advanced infrastructure and unique urban design.

TLD-The Land Developers

The Land Developers, an Egyptian real estate development firm, strives to enrich our shareholders, El-Tayebi Developments, A-part for Import Export and Trade, and The Steel and Concrete Company, with a wide range of well-integrated commercial and real estate projects. Delivering superior quality in prime locations, all while developing communities by capitalising on possibilities in the Egyptian real estate market.

The Waterway in Cityscape

Waterway Developments, as a thriving and prominent real estate developer, builds rich and timeless communities that provide fulfilling lifestyles for people who look for the absolute best in commercial and residential properties. The Waterway Developments draws on a heritage of unparalleled success stories, designing a unique quality of life by merging quintessential cosmopolitan living, creative modernism, and utility. Reliable honesty and remarkable achievements are the company’s defining characteristics.

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