If you’re considering buying a home in Egypt, it’s important to be educated about the different types of real estate properties that are available. This article will help you to be able to make an informed choice, as it explains the structure, advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Multi-Family Homes:

A classification of housing where multiple separate residential units are contained within one building or several buildings within one complex. Examples of Multi-Family homes are: Apartments, Lofts, Skylofts, Penthouses, Duplexes, Chalets, and Studios.


A collection of rooms forming one residence on a single floor in a non-coastal city

Apartment Building in ZED


A High ceiling apartment that allows room for a vertical division.

Loft in Phia Il Monte Galala


A 2 floored property connected by an internal staircase. May include a garden, or a penthouse, or neither.

Duplex Building in O West

Penthouse / Skyloft

The top-floor unit of a residential building, having its own terrace/roof area. May be sold with the below unit, or on its own.

Penthouse found in sky Condos – Villette


A collection of rooms forming one residence on a single floor in a coastal city

Example of some Chalets from Mazarine


A single room property with an associated bathroom and kitchen

Studio Apartments in The Gate New Alamein

Cabana / Cabin

Not exactly a multi-family house, for a cabin is a single room property for both bedding and living with an associated bathroom right by the beach .

Cabins by the beach in Jefaira

Single-Family Houses

A classification of housing as an independent residential structure that sits on its own land and is designed to be used as a single dwelling unit, with just one kitchen and unshared utilities.


 Very large, lavishly decorated, excessively luxurious private houses in cities . Palaces are usually reserved for aristocrats, rulers, or royalty. They house an extraordinary number of rooms.

Palace found in Mountain View Chillout Park

Standalone Villa

A freestanding building that sits on its own land owned by a single proprietor.

Standalone Villa in The Estates New Zayed


Houses that share a center wall between 2 neighbors and look like two identical houses.

Twin House by Palm Hills New Cairo


A row of identical – mirror image – houses sharing side walls (except for the end units who have just one wall in common).

Town Houses in Sodic East

Non- Residential Properties

On another note, there are those properties that you find in commercial projects or mixed use developments, and you might find their terminologies just a tiny bit confusing.


An area where an employees perform administrative work in order to achieve the goals of the business. 


An allocated space where outpatients are given specialized medical treatment or advice.


A shop where medicinal drugs and supplies are prepared or sold.

Retail Shop

A commercial space which sells goods or clothes to individual customers.

In a Nutshell

If you’re looking to purchase a new home, select estate agencies such as Nawy will be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect property. Make sure you do your research and look at many homes before settling on one. Before deciding what type of property that you want to buy, think about how much maintenance it’s likely to need and whether this would be something that you could easily handle (or would require hiring someone else who is more qualified). Also consider how much space you need. Do you wish to have room for entertaining guests? Would you prefer an apartment in a secure building that means less time worrying about parking? You may even want to have your own private swimming pool.

Good luck with your search! And may the odds be ever in your favor.