Smeralda Bay Sidi Heneish

The Vision for S-Bay is to establish the extravagant “Crown Jewel” that is the chief resort in all the Egyptian North Coast.

This unimaginable site has more than 250 feddans of lovely coastline sea shore facade, an amazing Hotel Resort, and the development of a brilliant new community that is separated into five Italian urban areas by the water, which is Sardinia Cove Beachfront, Sanremo Bay seacliff, Smeralda Bay Lagoon, Sicily Bay botanical garden, Salo Bay condominiums, and Paradise Cove that gives the total Resort opportunity for all degrees of unwinding, diversion, amusement, and delight.

It is a unique spot that will give extraordinary excursions that won’t ever be forgotten, by its Lotus Lagoon and 7 degrees of Seaview.

S – Bay is modeled after the homonymous world acclaimed Italian coast in Sardinia, prestigious not just for its turquoise clear ocean water and white sandy sea shores, but also for the Glamor of Italian dolce Vita that gathers big names and influencial individuals from everywhere the world

in the Mediterranean Sea of Sidi Heneish, north coast, SBay springs out like an illusion, remaining as a perfect magnum opus of nature, design, and great life. Marsa Matrouh global airport is just 50 km away and the highway connecting with Alexandria and Cairo makes the project a couple of hours drive away. SBay is where the fantasy of an extravagant escape from the city is conceivable, reasonable, and near you, each time you need it.

S Bay project has been brought about by exceptionally proficient Italian architects and designers. The effectiveness of design coordinates impeccably with comfort. Furthermore, and most interestingly, you can redo your villa design browsing among more than one configuration. Construction materials are of high global standards. All units are offered completely finished and furnished with the best Italian designs.

The turquoise of the ocean, the white of the sea shore, the sumptuous green of vegetation, the yellow of the sun, and the blue of the sky is what is promised in Smeralda Bay Sidi Heneish. In S Bay, nature is in abundance and invades every single property. It is where the sun sparkles throughout the entire year, entertaining a new thought of vacation estates that allows you to live encompassed by nature and close by all comforts.

Your house is SBay is delivered with cutting edge fully finished Italian interiors. Exquisite shadings and charming designs bring fabulousness and simplicity to your homes in their general ambiance. All units are offered completely finished and furnished with the best Italian designs and arrangements.

There isn’t anything more delightful than getting the opportunity to awaken feeling invigorated in light of the fact that you will appreciate the perspective on the sea shore from your home. You can have that sort of experience at S Bay North Coast. You’ll constantly have a good time, as you can appreciate the sun and swim at the sea shore whenever you need. There is likewise several pools and lagoons that you can utilize. On the off chance that you are arranging an event, you can invite your guests to the house’s bar. That is notwithstanding the two clubhouses social activities and events where individuals can meet, getting a positive charge out of the abundant shops, restaurants, and bars.

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