Palm Hills Developments will take you to calm waters and beautiful dunes with the July 11th opening of Hacienda West, Ras El Hekma!

With its elevated houses, you may enjoy stunning sea views of the crystal blue seas while having enough room to meet all of your requirements!

Hacienda West Location

Hacienda West spreads over 137 Feddan on the Km 200, just 2 km from Fouka Road. It features a seafront of 400m with a sandy depth of 1.5 Km.

Set your sights on the best boutique summer destination, Hacienda West, for a summer to remember. Palm Hills Ras El Hekma is leading you to the west this time. This time, it’ll take you to the west side, where you’ll enjoy every minute of it, especially following the developer’s huge success in Hacienda Bay and Hacienda White.

Hacienda West Concept

Hacienda West is a one-of-a-kind boutique experience on the North Coast for all Summer souls that appreciate beauty and appreciate simplicity.
It’s the summer vacation you’ve been looking forward to. It’s the place to unwind and enjoy laid-back luxury in a warm customised environment that you won’t find anywhere else.

With high houses and private lagoons, you can enjoy the spectacular Sea view from wherever you are. Hacienda West also has a luxurious hotel where you can unwind and a community centre where you can spend quality time with the people you care about. Take a sip of coffee and enjoy the tranquilly you deserve.

Ras EIHekma is approximately 10 kilometres away from Hacienda West, where the coastline meets the cleanest Mediterranean waters.

Hacienda West Design

Hacienda West boutique development architecture is all about integrating creativity, elegance, and authenticity in the heart of the North coast. The concept, which was influenced by Mediterranean architecture, combines a laid-back luxury vibe with a minimalistic approach; blending a sense of warmth with a bold design and smooth cut edges moulded for an easy look. Come home to an opulent environment where minimalism meets elegance, with plenty of space for a worldly ambiance. It’s the place you’ve been looking for.

In the heart of the North Coast, approximately 10 kilometres from Ras El Hekma, cave into the shoreline where pure seas meet sparkling beaches. If you want to unwind, soak up the sun, or dive into the infinite colours of blue sea, here is the place to be.

Hacienda West Facilities

Palm Hills has given you what makes a statement this summer. You’ll like every minute of it. Whatever you desire, there is a place for it. Hacienda West aims to enchant you and make your life simpler by putting everything you need within reach:

  • A world-class branded hotel where visitors may relax and unwind.
  • Community Hub with a neighbourhood atmosphere that is ideal for hanging out with friends and family.
  • For those who give it their all, there is a fully integrated sports arena.
  • For sports enthusiasts, there are state-of-the-art gym and exercise facilities.
  • Restaurants that are exceptional both during the day and at night
  • Convenient children’s space where your youngsters may easily spread their wings

Hacienda West Units

The project of Hacienda West boasts a variety of types: from Beach Houses, to unique Chalets. The units come with a payment plan that includes 8 years installments with the delivery being in 4 years.

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