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Bianchi Ilios is the newest phase of the successful Bianchi North Coast! To sum up the current situation, Developer X formed a strategic alliance with Bianchi to provide the type of experience that will make all of your North Coast vacation fantasies come true. Crystal-clear blue seas, prestigious beachfront facilities, breathtaking scenery, and lagoons. Bianchi Ilios offers everything you could ever want. In other words, Bianchi Sidi Abdelrahman and Developer X joined forces to create real summer uniqueness. It is where the Greek-Mediterranean attraction shall shine with a shaky light, glittering on its people.

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Ahmed Fouad, CEO of X-Developer, Naji Arian, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bianchi for Tourism and Real Estate Investment and a representative of Bianchi Investment Company, and Sherif Gerges, Board Member of Bianchi for Tourism and Real Estate Investment signed the merger agreement.

According to Ashraf Al Sheety, Chairman of the Shura Holding Group, this agreement falls within the framework of the company’s plan to collaborate with strong success partners who have a distinguished business history. It also achieves integration between the Shura Group’s distinguished expertise and strong financial solvency, and the competitive advantages that are available to Bianchi for tourism and real estate investment.  He also stated that the business intends to diversify its investment portfolio in terms of the locations in which it invests as well as the quality of projects.

According to Ahmed Fouad, CEO of “DeveloperX,” the agreement includes completing the development of the “Bianchi Tourist” project in a partnership system with Bianchi Company, whereby “DeveloperX” will undertake all of the project’s work, including planning, designing, developing, establishing, and marketing the project. He said that Bianchi Company finished the first part of the project and handed it over to customers with a total of around 200 units, and Developer X would finish the project stages with a total area of 104 acres on the North Coast, notably in a specific region in Sidi Abdel Rahman. The project comprises chalets, villas, twin homes, townhouses, a hotel component, lakes, an entertainment area, and a commercial portion to provide project clients with integrated services.He stated that “DeveloperX” contracted with the English company BDP to prepare the project designs in collaboration with the SA ARCHITECT office, and Dr. Essam Abaza chose the “United Consultants” office as a general consultant for the project. The company plans to present the project to clients this summer, assuming that the official announcement of the launch is soon.

He emphasised that the project has several advantages that will make it popular with customers when it is launched, such as the distinguished location, integrated services, and collaboration with a number of distinguished success partners in all project details. These include design, implementation, and marketing, as well as the presence of a marketing plan that includes various payment programmes.

The CEO of “DeveloperX” emphasised the significance of collaborating with Bianchi for Tourism and Real Estate Investment. This collaboration achieves the element of integration between what each party owns. Additionally, “DeveloperX” has strong experience in implementing various projects in many new cities, in addition to the fact that Bianchi Company for Tourism and Real Estate Investment has a strong precedent in this field.

He stated that the company’s expansion strategy includes its willingness to partner in any projects that ensure investment feasibility, distinction, addition, and benefit at the same time, in addition to the strength of the partner with which it collaborates and its distinguished work history, which are conditions available in the partnership with Bianchi for Tourism and Real Estate Investment.

He emphasised that the country’s great achievement in the new city of Alamein, along with its plan to develop the northern Arab coast, attracts more investments to the region and transforms the coast to work all year by creating an integrated community to operate the new city of Alamein to be a working city all year and raise the demand of customers to buy units , whether for the purpose of living or investing in it.

Naji Erian, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bianchi Company for Tourism and Real Estate Investment, emphasised the importance of developer collaboration to achieve integration and contribute to the comprehensive urban development that the state is currently implementing. However, the partners must be chosen based on a number of factors, the most important of which is a strenuous commitment.

Erian confirmed that completing the remaining phases of the project via “Developer X” represents a significant addition to the overall project, as the new phases include many service and entertainment activities that provide services for the entire project, including the phase that has been delivered to customers.

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