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On the first day of the National Expo 2021, 39 developers participated in the exhibition’s activities, resulting in contractual sales of EGP 750 million.

The National Expo 2021was held in the Al-Qubba Palace from July 9 to 11, with a larger participation of developers. The expo included a number of prominent real estate firms, including MBG Developments, Baroque New Capital Real Estate, Sorouh Developments, Menassat Developments, and Capital Development , among others.

Customers and those looking to buy and invest in national projects, notably in the New Administrative Capital (NAC), the North Coast, Galala, and Ain Sokhna, turned out in large numbers.

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According to the National Exhibition Company, which organised the event, the first-day turnout demonstrates the necessity of having strong national exhibits integrating diverse real estate projects that meet the target clients.

This is in addition to the special offerings made by the exhibition’s real estate development firms. Payment methods, facilities, and discounts of all kinds have all contributed to the high demand for purchases.

According to the firm, 39 real estate development companies have engaged in about 120 projects spread over the New Administrative Capital, the North Coast, Galala, and Ain Sokhna, in addition to New Cairo. Residential, commercial, medical, hotel, and coastal administrative developments are among them.

The business stated that the real estate expo sector had never seen such a turnout before, particularly in 2019 and 2020, when exhibits were plagued by poor attendance. Many reasons contributed to this, including the consequences of the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

The National Exhibition Company verified that it handled with all developments that happened in the exhibition’s operations as a result of the large turnout in an orderly way, and that all comments were addressed and resolved on time.

It also aims to provide a strategy for the National Expo that will assist developers in meeting their sales objectives while also providing a new consumer base to be introduced to the market during these events.

Moataz Askar, Executive Director of the National Show Business, commented on the great participation at the event, saying that his company has given all success mechanisms for real estate enterprises participating in the exhibition.  Marketing, advertising, and the integrated organisation of all operations inside the exhibition, beginning with cooperation with all real estate marketing businesses, are among them.

Furthermore, modes of transportation and exhibition organisation were considered, as well as finding rapid answers to some of the observations that occurred unexpectedly owing to the large attendance.

According to Ahmed Waked, Executive Director of the National Show Company, an operations room had been established to oversee all things and ease the admission of participants and customers to the exhibition.

This is in addition to giving all means of assistance to exhibitors and real estate marketing firms in order for them to depart the exhibition in a proper manner.

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