Mizar Tower New Capital

Mizar Tower project by Zodiac developments has been launched in June 2021. The mixed use complex stands in the Down Town area in the New Administrative Capital, plot number (mu4 / 60).

Mizar Tower’s engineering consultant is Engineer: Yasser El-Beltagy. He is one of the most powerful tower-architecture consultants, who is the owner of YBA -one of the most powerful consulting offices in the Middle East
(Tower specialization)-

Mizar Tower consists of Ground floor+ 12 floors. The Tower’s built up area is 2650 meters. The Tower’s location overlooks the pharmaceutical companies. Moreover, the street width in front of the mall is 50 meters whereas behind the mall overlooks a garden and green spaces.

Mizar Tower is a Mixed Tower used between commercial, admin, and medical units. The commercial units are allocated in the ground and first floor, whereas the administrative and medical units are spread from the second floor to the twelfth floor. The Built up area of the commercial, administrative, and medical spaces start from 38 square meters.

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