The Developer : Al Attal Holdings

Al Attal Holdings are widely recognized for always staying one step ahead of the crowd by selecting the best spots in Egypt and predicting the next crowd draw. Their idea has captured one of Egypt’s most stunning places to restore, only this time, they’ve done it perfectly.

Bayside Ras Sidr’s Concept

Bayside is a perfect paradise hideaway rebuilt to thrill your senses with a unique design concept designed to prioritize nature over form; to optimize exotic natural exposure in your holiday and to blend luxury with a simple attitude. There is no need to ponder when you are only a 2-hour journey down Egypt’s beautiful highlands away from a destination that has no expectations of you. Bay Side is a place where you may unclutter your soul. Picture an unbroken stream of thought inspired by the sounds of soothing waves and the wind flowing through the palm trees, where time seems to fly by. Moments are permanently treasured and may be relived at any time. Bayside carries a new perspective in which negativity sinks beyond the horizon and your spirit is organically raised above crystal-clear water. When you are immersed in nature, breathing fresh air at a new location, your mentality changes immediately. As a result, it is the ideal place to unwind from the city’s distractions and rediscover your sense of self.

Bayside’s Architecture

Bayside is designed to combine together a set of flexible and trendy indoor and outdoor facilities divided into active recreation and passive recreation. Active recreation refers to an equipped individual or team activity that require the use of special facilities, courses, fields, or equipment such as Handball, fitness and yoga courses. While passive recreation refers to activities that do not require prepared spaces and depend on natural resources such as birdwatching, snorkeling, fishing, and hiking.

Bayside Features

The Decks

Whether you prefer to jump in the water or like to take it slow, be sure that you will rediscover yourself from a new concept of overwater living finally brought to Egypt, the Maldivian way. Roaming through a tropical island of wood and stone evoking nature’s own vital organic existence finally settling on a water bed of tranquility. Swimming with the tide is now better than ever, with an infinity pool blending with the sea across, leaving you feeling lighter than air

  1. The Grand Deck

Your royal entrance and highest deck of the project, allowing panoramic
views of the beautiful shades of blue, designed to portray the element of
lighting and shading giving a sense of transparency with nature allowed
through the double heightened ceilings.

  • Health Club:
    A recreational state of mind in the form of fluffy bathrobes and slippers providing beneficial wellness. Services joined together to ensure a refreshing, de-stressing environment, that will leave you revitalized. Spoil yourself at the health club, equipped with a heated pool, sauna, and steam rooms with a welcoming international massage technicians preparing you for an unforgettable experience.
  • Fine Dining:
    Your favorite stop to experience the fine art of cooking, or choose between on demand cafeteria and restaurants, or the pleasure of an open-buffet with a superior high quality food selection.
  • Facility Management:
    Make the most out of your unit with technology introduced specifically to make life easier for any owner at Bayside. Uncountable benefits when services are just one click away. Whether you feel like staying in or being wild for the night, making decisions are now effortless. Benefit from your unit, by simply listing your available dates for rental where hotel management will pick it up and provide assistance to lease your unit any time of the year.
  1. The Floating Deck

The second highest residential deck of the project allowing a crystal level of water to go under the chalets located in this area. A floating feeling allowing your soul to experience the ability to touch water anytime of the day directly from your backyard.

  • Bay Valley:
    A stroll down a wooden elevated walkway which takes you directly to the bay. A central group-seating area at the end of the lake to have some side talks with your friends and family while surrounded by water and sipping on some refreshing cocktails.
  1. Infinity Deck

A closer deck to the bay joining Resort Cabanas together for an uforgettable overwater hospitality experience. Enjoy the privilege of jumping first thing in the morning in your own water front Cabana operating all year long and easily booked through an app for the easiest hospitality hideaway solutions. Endless shades of blue blending together for an unforgettable infinity pool experience with breath taking views, and in-water food and beverage services.

  1. The Flying Deck

The fourth level of the project and the hub of activities for both adults and kids. A blend of The Infinity pool’s waterfall into the bay, The Flying Deck.
Enjoy the cascade sounds of water while relaxing and sipping on a tropical juice or if your energy levels are up then choose from a list of uplifting sea activities.

  • Outdoor Fitness
  • Beach Ball
  • Kids Park
  • Jungle Walk
  • Food Trucks
  • Events
  1. The Bay Deck

A walk down 250 meters on the shore level and the final destination of the project. Golden stones grooves creating circular private seating areas across the shallow waters of the Red sea.

  • Outdoor Cinema
  • Nightlife

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