Icity New Cairo

Lagoon Park, a new addition to the ICity New Cairo family from Mountain View, has recently been launched. Lagoon Park include a wide range of units, including apartments, townhouses, and twin houses, as well as I-Villas and stand-alone villas.

About ICity New Cairo

Mountain View has been at the forefront of the real estate industry in East and West Cairo, as well as Coastal Egypt, for many years. It takes pleasure in being the first to go above and beyond in terms of the perfect house. More than 15 respectful communities in Egypt have pushed the boundaries with distinctive design, exquisite nature, and world-class innovation, all in the sake of providing the greatest living experience possible.

Masterplan for Icity New Cairo

This is what Mountain View iCity New Cairo is all about: a life where many lifestyles are embraced in one location. Mountain View collaborated with the finest architects in the world from CallisonRTKL to transform 500 feddans into 5 distinct elevated islands, each with its own distinct character, linked by a beautiful corniche that separates roads from the pedestrian network for your protection. iCity was created to be Egypt’s and the Middle East’s first innovative city, combining pure captivating nature with modern smart designs and bringing together all the pleasures of life for your happy family.

The location of ICity New Cairo

A location as rich and beautiful as iCity cannot be isolated or crowded. This is why iCity is situated in the revitalised New Cairo; an excellent location that puts you only minutes away from all this vibrant city has to offer:

  • Suez Road is just 4 minutes away.
  • Mountain View II is 11 minutes away.
  • Mountain View I is 15 minutes away.
  • The AUC campus is 17 minutes away.
  • El Thawra street is 25 minutes away.

Mountain View I-New City’s Cairo Concept

Rise in a life so heart-captivating that it frees everyone from the distractions of a fast-paced existence, where you are surrounded by raw nature and horizon vistas that make you feel like you control the globe. When you reach the summit, the air pressure lowers, along with all other pressures, leaving you with just the purest existence possible.

Mountain View has developed an atmosphere at iCity that allows you to indulge in anything you want, without compromising. iCity has a wide and varied set of features, houses, and amenities, ensuring that there is something for everyone. iCity’s unique 4-Dimensional design provides distinct levels for themed parks, lush outdoors, and activities; the concealed highway and parking layer; a fascinating 15km corniche linking all the parks with walking, running, and bicycling paths; and lastly the seclusion of your own house. Just fifteen minutes from the American University in Cairo, iCity is not only a metropolis in its own right, but it is also near to many of New Cairo’s major attractions, positioning it to become the city’s new pulsating centre.

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