Hyde Park Developments

Hyde Park Developments has been a market leader in Egypt’s real estate industry since 2007. It serves its community via integrated residential and management developments that include world-class architectural designs to suit a variety of lifestyle requirements. The firm is the primary developer of Hyde Park New Cairo, which covers over 6 million square metres and includes Egypt’s biggest park. Hyde Park Developments continues to showcase luxury lifestyles with practical designs and lush spaces that fit its distinct community’s requirements and ways of living, with a vast portfolio of residential, commercial, and retail projects throughout Egypt.

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Hyde Park New Cairo

Hyde Park New Cairo, which spans 6 million square metres, is situated among the magnificent beauty of the huge 600,000 square metre parks. Everything in Hyde Park New Cairo is an unique and infinite gated community. The world-class architectural designs mirror the lively personalities of its residents, with vast lakes and greenery constituting Egypt’s biggest park. Hyde Park New Cairo exemplifies green living, exuding a sense of natural tranquilly across the whole neighbourhood.

Garden Residences

Garden Residences, located in New Cairo’s most affluent neighbourhood of Hyde Park, is distinguished for its genuinely distinctive lifestyle. The neighbourhood takes its name from the surrounding environment and is surrounded by trees and vegetation. The views overlook common spaces and parks, which provide a variety of relaxing and recreational opportunities. Garden Residences is the ideal location to connect with nature, oneself, and a vibrant community, with varied facilities and Egypt’s biggest park within walking distance of the beautifully furnished Garden Villas, Garden Penthouses, Garden Terraces, and Apartments.


Garden Residences is located in Hyde Park New Cairo on 76,231 square metres of land. Its beautiful gardens, contemporary buildings, and open spaces are the epitome of a green community. A trendy fashion centre, excellent restaurants, a variety of entertainment options, and Egypt’s biggest park are all nearby at Hyde Park. Garden Residences, which has two major entrances and easy access to the new ring road and Road 90, is just a few minutes’ drive from the American University in Cairo and 20 minutes from Cairo International Airport.

Garden Residences Design

The architecture of Garden Residences stands out for its beautiful, contemporary vision, which produces modern structures with large flats, duplexes, and penthouses. Every home’s external façade is built with an exquisite palette of neutral tones and streamlined proportions to match the beautiful gardens and trees that surround it. Meanwhile, the living areas are outfitted with the finest quality materials, resulting in extremely practical, spacious rooms with plenty of natural light and ventilation. Every element of Garden Residences has been meticulously crafted for your luxury and comfort.

While the houses at Garden Residences have a distinct contemporary design, they are also comfortable and functional for families. All houses are built to take advantage of the year-round sunny weather and lush surroundings. With large terraces, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a flowing layout, one can enjoy the vast views while being comfortable within. The furnishings are designed to meet the requirements and preferences of the inhabitants. Private storage rooms, segmented places for organising, and private parking spots are available in the homes for maximum convenience. Garden Residences houses combine the sophisticated beauty of a contemporary living space with the warmth of a family home, making them the ideal expression for generations.

Community Center

The Garden Residences Community Center is a private place that effortlessly blends relaxation and entertainment. It blends an upscale, relaxing environment with contemporary conveniences. The community Center, with its outdoor swimming pool, sun deck, and café, is a welcoming place devoted to the enjoyment and well-being of its inhabitants.

Walking Trails

Garden Residences has created walking pathways with views of the surrounding trees and bushes to add to the reflecting character of open areas and vast gardens. Garden Residences is a place to rest while keeping active all year long, thanks to a number of seats and covered places that enable residents to better appreciate the views ahead.

Serviced Apartments

Every residence has a specialised team of experts on hand to provide excellent care and comfort. Residents will be able to enjoy more comfortable lives and healthier lifestyles with specialised services such as cleaning, laundry, plumbing, Fiber Optic support, and 24-hour security.

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