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When the name of Naguib Sawiris was dropped in association to Zed, an air of excellence and grandeur was immediately expected since pre-launching the project. ZED was brought to life by Ora Developers, founded by Naguib Sawiris who is additionally the chairman of Orascom Telecom. Ora Developers are market pioneers in the field of Real Estate. They create lavish-way-of-life destinations in special locations. It is their mark to bring a-list mastery, remarkable meticulousness, and visionary plans to each project they deal with. Up until now, their ZED Portfolio includes ZED West in Sheik Zayed, and ZED East in New Cairo

Zed West

The Zed Park, Zed Towers, and business district are all part of Zed Zayed, a mixed-use development including Zed Strip commercial boulevard. The Zed compound project is a sprawling 165 feddans development featuring a beautiful, connected series of interconnected green spaces that will tie the entire place together.

Zed Towers

Zed Towers, the first Egyptian residential towers to reach the sky, were introduced in Sheikh Zayed City, one of the districts that gave residents access to a variety of amenities and high-quality living.

Zed Overview

The Sheikh Zayed ‘s Zed Towers complex has a land area of 165 acres. Other than the Zed Commercial Strip, the 10-story towers have apartments ranging from 97 to 247 square metres, while 20-story towers have apartments ranging from 129 to 250 square metres.
The pricing of 10-story skyscrapers in Zed Towers starts at 26,000 EGP per metre. The cost per metre of a Zed compound starts at 42,000 EGP for buildings with 20-floors.

The down payment is 10 percent, and another payment is made in a 5 percent increment after the contract is signed. Finally, the payments are broken up into equal amounts over the following six years.

Disclaimer: Prices and availabilities of real estate projects are updated on a daily basis. For more updated information about unit availabilities, areas and prices, click on Zed .Or you can always reach out to us on #AskNawy or call us on +201022088888 .

Zed Towers Location

ZED El Sheik Zayed has 165 feddan of exquisite land, including the Zayed Central Park, where many cultural and entertainment facilities are located. This large park is made up of interconnecting courtyards, with a lavish landscaping design including a cutting-edge design.

This integrated commercial residential complex, offered by Ora Developments, is owned by the famous Egyptian engineer Naguib Sawiris and is located in the vicinity of HyperOne and the July 26 axis.

ZED towers Design

The project has two types of towers which were intended as an architectural masterpiece and cannot be duplicated in the foreseeable future.

The first type has two different categories of high-rise buildings with 10- and 20-floor designs, and both are intended for residential use.

The second kind of tower is tailored to include retail and service shops from the fourth floor to the end of the building. The areas of the project vary, starting with about 90 m² up to 250 m².

Watg London, a worldwide firm, helped execute all the required blueprints, as well as the master plan for the project, and Ora was involved in the building of the project.

The inhabitants of ZED El Sheik Zayed are able to reach out and touch nature, with a spectacular open space and mixed-use properties, and it makes the area more metropolitan as more than just a private suburb. The best place to witness the extraordinary happen is none other than ZED El Sheik Zayed!

The U Zed

Ora developers introduced their newest phase of ZED west, known as The U. Located in the Zed El Sheikh Zayed’s newest and most upscale neighbourhood, the U – Zed El Sheikh Zayed is the greatest location with a prime view. The biggest and most extensive “you” is available in Zed El Sheikh Zayed, which provides a 180-degree panorama of greenery!

The U has the greatest park and green living scenery, and it is the paragon of the above. This project’s design is inspired by the open green area in the middle of the development, and its design expands through the whole development as a series of interconnected courtyards with vast and private landscaped open spaces.

The concept has been elevated from a residential suburb to a new urban quarter by mixing retail, leisure, and residential uses.

Located in the centre of the El Sheikh Zayed metropolis in Western Cairo, The U is close to major thoroughfares including AlNozha Road and has good visibility from the 26th of July Corridor and Alex Desert Road.

 Zed West in a Nutshell

  • Zed residential towers in a complex that is strategically located and offers residents a calm and pleasant living filled with the luxuries of the best-in-class features and benefits of a prestigious residential project.
  • All aspects of wellness and innovation were given with worldwide considerations by the project’s executing firm.
  • Being distant from pollution and noise, the inside is peaceful and sophisticated.
  • All the site’s facilities and security measures are available.
  • The projects offer luxury residential towers with finished interiors that are ready for living immediately.
  • All designs are finished with every single air conditioning and fitting as well as with kitchens, and each unit is delivered with all the parts in place.
  • Sky-scraping towers of Dubai, UAE, with the image of luxury for everybody.
  • The design of the units appears like a painting by a group of world-class specialists and engineers both inside and out.
  • The WATG London design team was employed to plan and oversee the implementation of new apartments designed to emulate the most extravagant living quarters in the world.
  • The initial part of the project consisted of ten-story residential buildings.
  • The other towers feature a 20-story service section, with a club house on the top floor and an array of retail outlets and residential flats in the levels from the first to the third.
  • All aspects of well-being and innovation were considered by the implementing business, including global concerns, when putting this project together.
  • The house is calm and elegant, apart from the outer world’s tumult and hustle.
  • Facilities include all you need for comfort and security.
  • Zed Orascom’s premium residential buildings include furnishings and fixtures that are already in place and can be used immediately.
  • All designs are characterised by elegance and a high degree of quality.
  • Dubai’s towers have a great appeal to people who like lavish living.
  • The WATG London unit design firm has been employed to develop places that are in line with the world’s most premium designs.
  • A large portion of the project was devoted to residential buildings, each standing ten stories tall.
  • From the Club House to the three residential floors, the other towers contain 20 service levels. Apartments are located on the levels four through 20.

Services in ZED includes

  • The fitness centre includes state-of-the-art training equipment, allowing people to get healthy and have fun.
  • The spa and gym are fully stocked.
  • The neighbourhood has a selection of all types of businesses, both large and small, so shoppers will be able to find whatever they are looking for.
  • There are a lot of the world’s most famous brands in a huge mall (Zed Strip).
  • The design of each unit is influenced by the greenery of the park, which will be seen from various parts of the project.
  • A wonderful variety of international dining options are included at Zed Towers Zayed.
  • The tracks have sufficient space to get away from the surrounding traffic, and there are also several peaceful garden settings.
  • The site features a fountain that dances, a variety of lakes, and a variety of pools of all sizes.
  • The parking garage is completely outfitted with administrative facilities.
  • Educational establishments
  • The towers are all equipped with state-of-the-art elevators.
  • It is easy and to dispose of the garbage
  • Take comfort in knowing that your whole project is properly safeguarded, with 24/7 security guards available on-site.
  • A number of five-star lodging options are nearby.
  • The play area has plenty of toys and it’s also well-secured, so it’s a good place for kids to play.

Units Spaces in Sawiris Towers Sheikh Zayed

The Zed Project Egypt has a total area of approximately 165 acres, 65 of which has been designated as the Sheikh Zayed City’s largest park, while the rest of the space was allotted for development.

20 stories have been constructed, with the first 3 floors given up to cafés, stores, and a clubhouse, while the remainder are given over to residential units.

ZED Spaces of units in 10-floors towers:

  1. 2 bedrooms apartment with a space of 97 sqm up to 136 sqm
  2. 3 rooms apartment with a space of 160 sqm up to 211 sqm
  3. 4 rooms apartment with a space of 237 sqm and 242 sqm

ZED Areas of units in 20-floors towers:

  1. 2 rooms apartment with space up to 135 sqm.
  2. 3 rooms apartment with space up to 223, 185 and 172 sqm
  3. 4 rooms apartment with a space of 250 sqm

Zed Prices

Disclaimer: Prices and availabilities of real estate projects are updated on a daily basis. For more updated information about unit availabilities, areas and prices, click on Zed .Or you can always reach out to us on #AskNawy or call us on +201022088888 .

Zed Compound consist of 30 towers, 10 floors towers, and 20 floors towers.

Zed El Sheikh Zayed prices of the 10-floor towers:

Price per meter starts from 26,000 EGP, units shall be delivered with Super Lux finishing within 3 years and a half after the contract.

ZED Prices of the 20-floor towers:

Price per meter starts from 42,000 EGP, units will be delivered with Super Lux finishing within 4 years after the contract.

Payment Systems

10% downpayment, 5% upon contracting, the rest will be paid equally via installments over 6 years.

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