In 6th of October, Palm Hills presents its most recent and greatest work to date, dubbed Palm Hills Badya. A worldwide project covering 3000 acres and offering all the newest services available, with German international consultant for the Badya Compound project Badya Palm Hills October services controlled by IBM’s cutting-edge technology.

Badya City’s amenities and facilities include international schools and colleges, international commercial malls, Palm Hills Badya’s largest sports and social club in October, and high-quality administrative and medical buildings.

All apartments provide views of the surrounding landscape and large green spaces. Palm Hills Badya 6th October models and spaces range from (Apartment – Penthouse – Townhouse – Twin home – Villas).

Badya is a mixed-use residential development in the city of October 6th that offers a range of amenities ranging from educational to commercial to recreational. The project was designed to be removed from the capital’s noise through the use of cutting-edge modern architecture.

Thus, if you reserve a unit in the Badya compound  you will be able to fully enjoy life’s joys.

Palm Hills’ first smart city, Badya, is located in New October City.

The Badya project has been divided into independent residential units, with single villas making about 16% of the total.

Palm Hills intends to build over 30,000 residential units within the Badya compound by October, with the project spread across 3,000 acres in West Cairo and divided into six residential neighbourhoods, each with its own integrated commercial, administrative, and recreational services, offices, schools, and hospitals to meet and provide for residents’ basic needs.

Units in the Palm Hills Badya complex

The Badya complex is located in the city of 6th October and consists of a variety of residential units, including fully finished independent units consisting of two, three, and four-bedroom apartments attached to a garden, villas, twin houses, townhouses, and penthouses, and, of course, the sizes of these units vary to meet the needs of individual customers.

The built-up sizes of the units within the property exceed 600 square metres for the enormous villas and begin at 86 square metres for the space inside the flats and advance to 371 square metres for the space within the penthouses.

Residential units inside the property are, of course, priced differently depending on their location and type:

  • Apartments with a minimum square footage of 83 square metres are offered at 1.486.900.
  • Garden apartments start at 85 square metres and cost 1.359.200.
  • Penthouses start at 1.867.700 egp and feature a 122-square-metre floor size.
  • Twin residences start at 3.854.900 egp and feature a 183-square-metre floor space.
  • The villas start at 6.656.200 euros and have a floor area of 281 square metres.
  • Apartments in the Badya complex range in price per square metre from around 11 thousand pounds to 23 thousand pounds.

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