4T4 in New Capital City by VAI Developments

New Capital City, Egypt

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By VAI Developments

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Unique Selling Points at 4T4 New Capital

Unique Design

The project was designed on the main street with a width of 50 m, linking the seventh and eighth residential neighborhoods. The project was built on two towers connected by a suspension bridge. It consists of 10 repeated upper floors, in which the ground floor and the first are commercial units. As for the second, it is medical clinics and from the floor, The third to the tenth were allocated to administrative offices. The tower was designed with great care. The company took care of providing all the services and requirements necessary for customers. The project was built and implemented by specialists in the fields of architecture and construction, and it follows all international and modern standards for design.

About 4T4 Tower New Capital

The company established the 4T4 Tower Mall on an area of ​​2,600 square meters, and a part was allocated for the establishment of green spaces. The 4T4 Tower Mall consists of shops, medical clinics, and administrative offices. It has a beautifully designed facade at the highest level and consists of 10 floors.

-The ground and first floors of 4T4 Mall are dedicated to commercial units.

-The second floor is for medical units and clinics.

-As for the third to the tenth floor, these are for administrative offices.

All public facilities are available inside the 4T4 Tower New Capital

And services that serve visitors and that distinguish it from other projects surrounding it.

4T4 Mall New Capital Location

The 4T4 tower is located in the heart of the Downtown area, specifically in the plot mu5-36. It also has a view of three main streets, in addition to the main axis that connects the residential neighborhood and the government neighborhood, and is characterized by its proximity to the Green River, especially as it is located near the Misr Mosque and People's Square It has a direct view of the central garden.

Property Types in 4t4 Tower New Capital From VAI Developments

4T4 Mall in the capital consists of several units and different types, including commercial units, medical units, and administrative offices.