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Best Places to go in New Alamein (Not Just A Beach!)

Best Places to go in New Alamein (Not Just A Beach!)
Places in New Alamein

Are you planning on moving to New Al Alamein City? Or do you want to enjoy your vacation in this glamorous City? However, are your plans always canceled or delayed by the fear of having nowhere to go or any excursion places? Do you always regard the City as a mere beach city with no other fun things to do?

No worries, this article is dedicated to giving you a full account of the beauty of this City and the places you can go to and enjoy your stay there.

Just keep reading this article and you will fall in love with Al Alamein City.

Places to go to in New Alamein

The New Alamein City is one of the historical ones in Egypt lying on the beautiful Medertanian Coast. The City has lately the attention of real estate developers who started to create residential projects side by side with vocational projects.

The City does not only offer a beautiful beach with a mesmerizing coastline but, to your surprise… New Alamein has got many places where you can go and enjoy your vacation and not only a beach.

Among the places and excursions you can enjoy, there are:

  • Al Alamein War Cemetry, if you are a history lover or even enjoy sightseeing, you will be fascinated by visiting such a natural museum that contains the graves of the soldiers who died during the battles of the Second World War in the desert area.
  • Al Alamein War Museum, that is created and operated by the Egyptian Government to show all the remnants of the war.
  • The open-air Roman Theatre is the place that will turn out to be your favorite if you are a lover of arts and culture.
  • The Opera house, which you will enjoy if you love to attend concerts.
  • We can’t forget the huge library that is available in City and that is made for the pleasure of the bookworms.
  • Also, The “Al Mawla” Moaque is an architectural masterpiece for those who enjoy sightseeing the architectural designs.
  • The final and most surprising thing is the O Mall, where the beauty of nature meets the luxurious shopping experience.

To cut a long story short, New Alamein City is full of surprises and entertainment hubs not only stunning beaches. However, you still need to know more about this City so, let’s give you an overview of its space and location in the following section.

Al Alamein City

Al Alamein City spreads across 48,000 acres of land on the Egyptian coastline with more than 60 km depth to the south. The glamorous city has always been well-known for its historical military participation in World War II during the 1940s

Speaking of its location, you can find Al Alamein City on the Mediterranean Sea, 106 km west of Alexandria, and 240 km northwest of Cairo. As well as being between the 100th km and the 123rd km of Alexandria – Marsa Matrouh Road.

This location makes the City a 2-hour drive from Alexandria and a 3-hour drive from Cairo. As well as giving it easy access to and from Fouka Road and El Dabaa Road.

Alamein City

Top Resorts in Al Alamein

We can’t be talking about the beautiful Alamein City without mentioning its top resorts and projects. In New Alamein City, you can find:

Do you know now where will you be spending the following vacation?

New Alamein is Waiting for You Now!

Throughout this article, we have talked about the historical City, its places, and its excursions. Now, it’s time to take the decision and move on or even reserve your next vacation at one of the high-end resorts in this fascinating area.

Don’t forget that Nawy is always here to help you find your forever home or even your summer home in Al Alamein City. Just click the WhatsApp button and you will find our property consultants team always ready to match you with your unique unit.

And remember to enjoy your stay at Al Alamein City!

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Lagoon New AllameinNorth Coast - Sahel 2,858,714 EGP
Lagoon New AllameinNorth Coast - Sahel 2,858,714 EGP