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Everything About Koun North Coast Village

Everything About Koun North Coast Village
Koun North Coast Village

Koun in the Arabic language means the universe, and that is exactly the feeling you get in Koun resort by the famous Mabany Edris. The resort is remarkable and it takes your heart from the first sight. Koun North Coast Village contains an endless number of amenities where you will not feel like going outside the resort for a while. In addition to the wide range of amenities and facilities, the resort occupies a good bunch of properties to choose from, as Mabany Idris with their expertise knew what to offer and how to exactly meet every need in the market.

Koun North Coast Village

Koun beachside resort on North Coast is a luxurious resort in Ras El Hekma area that falls on a huge area of land. The expansive resort offers a plethora of amenities and facilities such as :

  • A clubhouse where you can have some chilling with your beloved ones.
  • A hotel with 24/7 concierge services and a world-class hospitality level offered to all guests.
  • Facility management services are available for homeowners all year round.
  • Wellness and fitness facilities to keep in shape and healthy.

All of the previously mentioned amenities are added to the golf cars, medical facilities, lush greenery, mosque, housekeeping services, cycling and running tracks, and more. Whether you seek relaxation, entertainment, or convenience, Koun North Coast Village ensures of taking care of every aspect of your stay.

As we continue our exploration of Koun North Coast Resort Sidi Abdel Rahman, let’s take a closer look at the pricing and unit options that are available to you.

Koun North Coast prices

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious villa, a cozy apartment, or a charming townhouse, the resort’s vast range of properties has something for everyone. Properties in Koun Ras El Hekma come with unique features and layouts to suit your preferences such as:

  • The duplex apartment in Koun Resort could cost you an average price of 6,100,000 Egyptian pounds for a space of 155 m2.
  • Meanwhile, a 115 m2 chalet has an average price of 4,200,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Moreover, a 108 m2 chalet in Koun North Coast has an average price of 4,950,000 Egyptian pounds.

Please note that the resort contains many other listed properties while the prices and spaces of the available units are constantly under update.

For the latest price list update, please check out Koun Ras El Hikma listings.

While we’ve discussed the opulent facilities and costs of Koun North Coast Village, let’s uncover the allure of its location.

Koun North Coast location

Koun North Coast Village is strategically positioned on the 201st km of Alexandria – Marsa Matrouh Desert Road, Koun North Coast by Mabany Edris enjoys a prime location in Ras El Hekma.

This prestigious destination is in close proximity to other renowned destinations, including Mountain View Ras El Hekma, Caesar Bay, Azzar North Coast, Swan Lake North Coast, La Vista Ras El Hekma, and Gaia. With its strategic location, Koun offers easy access to a variety of neighboring main roads and cities such as Alexandria City and Matrouh.

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KounRas El Hekma8,587,215 EGP
KounRas El Hekma8,587,215 EGP