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Fifth Square Compound – Live Differently

Fifth Square Compound – Live Differently
Fifth Square Compound

With 86 years of worldwide experience and 20 years in the Egyptian market, Al Marasem Developments sets itself among the best real estate developers in the whole country. The company aims to be the best in the market and to change the concept of modern living. In this article, we will present to you one of Al Marasem Developments masterpieces which is Fifth Square Compound.

Keep reading this blog to see how this residential gated community helps you achieve the luxurious life you dream of.

Fifth Square Compound

Al Marasem Developments has imaginatively designed Fifth Square Compoundon a space of 158 acres to set new standards in luxury living. The compound is where trendy refinement and natural simplicity dance together in harmony offering you an unparalleled go-slow life.

In Fifth Square Compound every day you spend inside the compound has a background music of soothing birds chirping and fountains water flowing sounds.

Creating a landmark work of architecture in the heart of the fifth settlement, Fifth Square Compound artfully blends the world of utmost privacy with city life. The compound master plan guarantees you the maximum views over lush parks and tranquil lagoons.

The Fifth Square Compound offers all residents inside it the maximum privacy and comfort as everything you could need is at your fingertips yet you live in your own private haven

Amenities in Fifth Square

Fifth Square Compound includes a unique shopping mall with a huge array of distinctive retail stores, restaurants, and cafes. There is also a number of trails in the compound where you can walk, run, or cycle while you are surrounded by lush greenery.

Also, Fifth Square Compound includes 2 clubhouses, one for the apartments and another one for the villas. The apartment clubhouse has a space of 15,000  sqm and includes lounging areas, a gym, restaurants, meeting rooms, 3 offices, nurseries, and a business center. Also, the villa’s clubhouse has a space of 5,000 sqm and has its own list of amenities.

Moreover, the compound includes a vast array of entertainment facilities where all the family can have fun and solar-powered street lighting to help in protecting the environment. There are also some essential amenities that cater to your comfort such as controlled access gates, elevators, and underground parking.

Lastly, emergency cases should not worry you again, because the compound includes a medical center that operates according to the highest standards.

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Ready to live as a part of this daily breathtaking theme, let’s start searching for the best property that meets your specific needs.

Prices in Fifth Square Al Marasem

Whether you are searching for an apartment, a townhouse, a duplex, or a penthouse, Fifth Square Compound has something for you. Prices and spaces of the properties vary as the developer of the compound was keen on offering different types, sizes, layouts, and more features to meet everyone’s specific needs without any compromises.

  • A 250 m2 apartment in Fifth Square Compound has an average price of 16,188,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The 121 m2 penthouse could cost you an average price of 7,928,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • For an average price of 8,723,000 Egyptian pounds, you can buy a unique 134 m2 apartment in Fifth Square.
  • The penthouse with an area of  171 m2 could cost you an average price of 12,386,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • A penthouse with an area of 13,230,000 Egyptian pounds has an average price of 197 m2.
  • The 249 m2 townhouse in Fifth Square Compound has an average price of 16,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • You can buy a 170 m2 duplex apartment with an average price of 7,687,000 Egyptian pounds.

Please note that the compound contains many other listed properties while the prices and spaces of the available units are constantly under update.
For the latest price list update, please check out Fifth Square New Cairo listings.

Fifth Square Payment Plans

The compound has two payment plans of 8 years with 2 downpayment choices whether 0% or 5%.

We have touched upon the different selection of properties and the huge range of amenities the compound includes, but what about it is strategic location? let’s explore more.

Location of Fifth Square Al Marasem

The compound sits on a one-of-a-kind strategic location that lies directly on the North 90 Road in New Cairo. Fifth Square Compound is in very close proximity to many major roads and destinations such as:

  • The AUC Campus is 7 minutes away
  • The Downtown Mall is 15 minutes away from Fifth Square Compound.
  • Madinaty is 19 minutes away.
  • Cairo International Airport is 20 minutes away from Fifth Square Compound.
  • Helioplis is 25 minutes away.

And now with all the information you had about Fifth Square Compound in mind, let’s travel to see the company behind this masterpiece.

About Al Marasem Developments

Operating in the market since 1997 Al Marasem Development has aimed to be one of the best real estate contractors in the market. The company has always been incredibly successful and has positioned itself as a market leader in the Egyptian real estate industry.

Al Marasem Developments has an extensive portfolio featuring several large-scale projects adjacent to the renowned Fifth Square Compound. These projects have not only contributed to the market’s growth but also reshaped its landscape. To maintain a leading position in the highly competitive real estate sector, the company has consistently strived for excellence in all its endeavors, coupled with a commitment to honesty and transparency when dealing with clients.

Moreover, Al Marasem Developments is not solely known for its excellence in real estate ventures but also for providing a range of commercial, economic, and residential alternatives that are not only cost-effective but also come with flexible payment options tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients. Their recent projects underscore their dedication to creating innovative and accessible living solutions, improving the quality of life for their residents.

In summary, Al Marasem Developments’ multifaceted approach to real estate development, marked by a commitment to excellence and client-centricity, has not only transformed the real estate market but also positioned the company as a prominent player in the industry.

  • Lake Residence Fifth Square in New Cairo.

Final Thoughts

With its huge range of amenities, unique architecture design, strategic location, and diverse collection of properties, Al Marasem Developments has guaranteed that Fifth Square offers you the luxurious life you dream of.

Searching for a real estate unit has never been easier with Nawy. Contact us on WhatsApp and let our property consultants help you find your perfect property.

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