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4 Unusual Things to Do in Egypt for the Utmost Fun!

4 Unusual Things to Do in Egypt for the Utmost Fun!
Museum of Illusions Cairo

Hanging out with friends in the usual cafes or restaurants is no longer a must-do nowadays so you can enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. Nawy is bringing you a list of extremely lively unusual things to do in Egypt!

This article will include puzzles, illusions, and more. Get ready to explore Egypt’s amusing hidden gems with your buddies and loved ones.

Unusual Things to Do in Egypt

Picking a movie you and your friends all agree on is a really hard mission; never accomplished, right? That is no longer the issue since these days, Egypt features a wide range of entertaining venues where you have a blast of laughter and unforgettable memories!

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There is a wide variety of unusual things to do in Egypt, from acting like you are Sherlock Holmes of the 21st Century and solving crimes, to paintballs, trampolines, and more! Our list includes:

  • FLY – Trampoline Park in the Walk of Cairo.
  • Museum of Illusions in the Walk of Cairo.
  • Sky Park in Beverly Hills.
  • BreakOut Egypt in New Cairo.

It’s time to get into the details of every destination on the list!

Walk of Cairo for the Utmost Fun

If you are thinking of heading West, Walk of Cairo should be your top choice. It includes a variety of unusual things to do and entertaining venues to visit in Egypt such as the Museum of Illusions and FLY – Trampoline Park.

FLY is the biggest outdoor trampoline park in Egypt, offering you an adrenaline rush beyond comparison. It includes a wide range of fun activities, such as Ninja Challenge, Basket Hoops, Dodgeball Mid-air, Spider Wall, Donut Slide, Performance Trampoline, and Free Jump Area.

Walk of Cairo also exhibits one of the best and most unusual destinations in Egypt, the Museum of Illusions, with a variety of unbelievable things to do. Experience illusion rooms, mind-bending installations, mind-altering holograms, and more when you visit the museum.

Sky Park in Beverly Hills

The sky has no limit, and that’s the best feeling to ever experience! Sky Park in Beverly Hills includes a set of professional obstacle courses elevated on three levels, and guess what? It becomes more challenging when you head up higher.

Furthermore, if there are young humans included in the outing, they will enjoy an unforgettable time as Sky Park features a special route with obstacles tailored to match their age.

BreakOut Egypt in New Cairo

The last destination on our list of unusual things to do in Egypt is BreakOut Egypt. Unveil your inner detective instincts in a real room escape experience. You and your friends are locked inside a themed room where you need to use your intellect to escape it by solving puzzles and finding clues in only 1 hour!

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It’s time to share these destinations with your circle, unleash your inner adventurous self, and experience fun at its finest! Whether seeking an adrenaline rush like no other or wanting to solve riddles with your friends, our list covers it all.

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Beverly Hills6th of October City11,000,000 EGP
Beverly Hills6th of October City11,000,000 EGP