Five Fifty Five Business ComplexEl Sheikh Zayed7,540,000 EGP

Five Fifty Five: Step into an Unstoppable Business Era

Five Fifty Five: Step into an Unstoppable Business Era
Five Fifty Five

Are you looking forward to unraveling a perfect business chapter in the West of Cairo? With all sources of venture success around you? Nawy will give you all the details about one of the most highly regarded projects in the West, the Five Fifty Five Business Complex.

Your gateway to refined commercial triumph awaits you in the project. But what makes the business complex the faultless step forward in your business life? Keep reading to find out! In this article, we will cover its prime location, luxurious amenities, and elite commercial units.

Five Fifty Five

With the market needs increasing by the second, all business owners seek an upgrade! They want to take their practice to the next level, boost their employees’ productivity, and energize them to do more. DAL Developments, fueled by driven passion, listened to what you needed to further push your venture and constructed a state-of-the-art project in the heart of one of the most elite areas in the West, the Five Fifty Five Business Complex.

It developed the business complex over 4,067 acres of land in El Sheikh Zayed, delivering a high-end project to fulfill all your business endeavors. The project should be at the top of your list because it features:

  • Unlimited retail options
  • Refined F&B venues
  • Premium services

It would be the flawless meetup spot for everybody living in the West, as well as those searching for the ultimate upgrade for their workline. This is because Five Fifty-Five Business Complex includes:

  • Contemporary offices
  • Advanced Clinics
  • Premium Services

You will get the perfect opportunity to locate your practice in a prime area in Zayed. Let’s take a look at the ideal location of the Five Fifty-Five Project.

Five Fifty Five Location

DAL Developments chose a premium location for the Five Fifty-Five Business Complex. It lies amid many residential communities in Sheikh Zayed.

The location of the Five Fifty-Five Project is in proximity to:

  • Al Nada Compound
  • Zayed2000
  • Legenda Compound
  • Al-Juman Residence
  • Hadayek El Mohandsin Compound
  • Al Karma 1

Furthermore, the location of the Five Fifty-Five Business Complex is near many popular destinations in Zayed, for instance:

  • Seoudi Market
  • Zayed Club
  • EDEN Mall
  • Arkan Plaza
  • Americana Plaza
  • Galleria 40

Additionally, there are two key hospitals near the project’s location, which are:

  • Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital
  • Global Care Hospital

Not to mention that the project’s main entrance is on Al Mostakbal Road.

Five Fifty Five
Five Fifty Five Location

As can be seen, your commercial property will be in a vital area in Sheikh Zayed.

What is more convincing? DAL included a variety of elite services and facilities in the business complex to meet all the demands of businesses seeking to revamp their employees’ productivity.

Services & Facilities

The developer built the Five Fifty-Five Business Complex with five floors constructing a perfectly designed project. With modern architecture, iconic exterior, and distinctive interior finishing, the project is a real futuristic reckon.

It is composed of parking, a lower ground, a ground floor, an upper ground, and 3 typical floors.

The Five Fifty-Five Project in Sheikh Zayed exhibits boundless high-end amenities to ensure your business thrives in the constantly upgrading commercial market.

  • The business complex overlooks a one-of-a-kind courtyard.
  • The courtyard exhibits a mix of retail options, as well as F&B venues.
  • Moreover, the sun and wind breezy afternoons and warm cozy atmosphere ensure your employees’ production motivation.
  • The business complex also includes four elevators connecting the basement to the fourth floor, as well as two escalators that lead to the upper ground floor. Not to forget that there is a service elevator too.
  • It has back-of-house and service corridors to ensure smooth movement.
  • The refined F&B outlets in Five Fifty Five Business Complex feature outdoor seating areas. They provide customers with a wide-ranging experience, catering to all their needs in one place.

When you purchase your commercial property in the project, you unravel a distinctive opportunity to upgrade your business to a whole new level. DAL included a variety of high-end commercial and retail properties in the business complex.

Units in Five Fifty Five Business Complex

The properties in the project vary between retail units, premium offices, and advanced clinics, with areas starting from 45 sqm to 600 sqm.

  • The lower ground of the project includes units with area ranging between 20 sqm and 109 sqm.
  • There are properties with area varying between 72 sqm and 170 sqm in the ground floor.
  • The upper ground of the business complex exhibits 62 sqm to 132 sqm properties area.
  • There are offices on the 4th floor of Five Fifty Five with areas starting from 44 sqm to 146 sqm.
  • The 2nd-floor features clinics with areas ranging between 44 sqm and 170 sqm.

With only a 10% down payment, you can now unravel your next business chapter in the Five Fifty Five Business Complex, and install the rest over 5 years.

There are properties for sale in the project varying between clinics, offices, and retail units. Their prices at the moment start from 10,890,180 EGP to 49,763,028 EGP.

  • There are offices for sale in the business complex with area ranging between 80 sqm and 146 sqm. Their prices start from 10,890,180 EGP to 21,288,680 EGP.
  • You can also find 86 sqm and 114 sqm clinics in the project for sale, with prices ranging from 12,906,600 EGP to 14,833,000 EGP.
  • Retail units vary in area between 62 sqm and 144 sqm. Their prices start from 16,171,980 EGP to 49,763,028 EGP.

Please note that the prices of the available properties are constantly updated. For the latest updates on the price list, please check out the Five Fifty-Five Business Complex listings.

Now, let’s take get to know the brilliant mind behind the project.

About DAL Developments

DAL Developments started in 2023, and it quickly became one of the real estate gurus in the Egyptian market. In addition to building a unique blend of elegance, creativity, and first-class projects, it picks the right location to place its establishments.

It offers modern society the satisfaction of all its ever-evolving needs. No need to wonder that Five Fifty Five Business Complex is the right choice for your endeavors upgrade. So are you ready to unravel an unfathomable business era and step into the future?

Then contact us now via WhatsApp to own your unique property in the Five Fifty Five Project. Our consultants will help you throughout the whole purchasing process.

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Five Fifty Five Business ComplexEl Sheikh Zayed7,540,000 EGP
Five Fifty Five Business ComplexEl Sheikh Zayed7,540,000 EGP