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Naia West: A Perfectly Integrated Luxury

Naia West: A Perfectly Integrated Luxury
Naia West

Your home is more than built bricks. It is a community and a comfort zone; one where you can lead a tranquil lifestyle, and enjoy the real definition of luxury and convenience. It is somewhere you and your family enjoy the finest things in life. That’s why, in this article, Nawy will give you all the details about one of the fanciest projects in El Sheikh Zayed City, Naia West Compound.

We will take you on a tour of the compound’s distinctive details and what makes it the perfect community.

Naia West

Are you heading to the West of Cairo, seeking a perfectly integrated luxury? Searching for a community where your family can live in constant bliss? Naia Developments delivered a project that should be at the top of your list when you are searching for a heightened living experience at its finest, Naia West Compound.

It developed the community in one of the most prestigious areas in the West, in the heart of El Sheikh Zayed. It made sure you will not only be living a comfortable life outside the compound, able to commute wherever you want to reach, but also to live in convenience inside.

Naia West spreads over 140 acres of land in Sheikh Zayed, exactly on Cairo – Alexandria Desert Road. So, let’s take a look at the compound’s prime location.

Naia West Location

Naia Developments chose a strategic location for the compound. The developer aims at your convenience, a main block of luxury.

That’s why, it picked the location of Naia West in El Sheikh Zayed to be:

  • 19 minutes away from Smart Village.
  • 20 minutes away from the Mall of Arabia.
  • 20 minutes away from the Grand Egyptian Museum.
  • 23 minutes away from the Mall of Egypt.
  • 50 minutes away from Mohandesin.
  • 50 minutes away from Heliopolis.
  • 7 minutes away from Sphinx Airport.

Additionally, the location of Naia West Compound is in proximity to many major roads; for instance, it is:

  • 4 minutes away from the 26th of July Mehwar.
  • 5 minutes away from El Dabaa Axis.
  • 7 minutes away from Waslet Dahshour.
  • 9 minutes away from Rod El Farag Axis.

Moreover, the compound is near many high-end projects such as:

Naia West
Naia West Location

You would be able to reach anywhere you want to be and come back to your fancy home in the compound and enjoy its boundless facilities.

Naia Developments designed a distinctive master plan for the Naia West Projects. It included a variety of facilities and lavish homes. Let’s take a look at it.

Naia West Master Plan

Naia West
Naia West Master Plan
  • Naia Developments constructed a natural haven in the compound, granting you the perfect opportunity to connect with nature, live in peacefulness, and enjoy the new redefinition of luxury: leading a natural life.
  • The water features in the compound vary between turquoise lakes and swimming pools. You can enjoy a fresh breeze anytime you want in the day. Or you can sit across the beautiful lake while being surrounded by Naia West’s green parks. Or you can take an enjoyable dip in your neighborhood’s swimming pool, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.
  • Furthermore, the developer included a range of medical clinics in Naia West. They are aimed at providing you with urgent medical attention when needed.
  • The young members of your family will have the perfect opportunity to experience the utmost first-class education. The Naia West Project features an international school. It includes a faultless educational environment including a library with limitless knowledge.
  • It also features a kindergarten with the best professionals and care.
  • The compound also exhibits a social clubhouse, a hangout spot for all residents to visit. Get to know the like-minded community you live in, enjoy leisure activities or peacefully have some quality time where you can relax.
  • Not to mention that the clubhouse features a top-notch gym, a kid’s area, a sports cafe, several lounges, and a swimming pool.
  • Additionally, Naia West includes a recreational area and a wellness center, where you recharge, refuel, and experience the best healthy lifestyle in the community.

In addition to these boundless facilities, Naia West features a variety of services for your utmost comfort.


  • The compound includes CCTV cameras. This is for the sake of creating a secure and safe community for you. You will also be living in a private environment, an earthly heaven of your own.
  • There is also a triple-play system in the project. It allows you to set up both a high-speed internet connection and a fixed phone plan. Not to mention the access to premium TV content.
  • You don’t need to worry about where to park your car in the compound. Naia West includes an abundance of parking spaces in its garages.

Get to experience this broad array of services and facilities when you own your high-end home in the project. The developer built the finest architecture in the project, aiming to provide you with the most innovative luxury.

Naia West Units

There are a variety of properties in the compound, suiting all the finest tastes out there. Naia Developments partnered with Raafat Miller, one of the pioneering consulting firms in the Middle East to build a unique set of homes with a Neoclassical aesthetic.

Naia West’s units vary between apartments, standalone villas, twin houses, and townhouses.

  • Naia West’s standalone villas vary in area between 465 sqm and 385 sqm.
  • The twin houses range in area from 280 sqm and 255 sqm.
  • You can also find 205 sqm and 195 sqm townhouses in the compound.

With only a 10% down payment and a 9-year payment plan, you can own your home in the Naia West Project and unravel a state of unique luxury.

At the moment, there are properties for sale in Naia West Compound with prices starting from 11,072,000 EGP to 38,500,000 EGP.

For the latest updates on the price list, please check out Naia West’s listings.

Are you ready to unlock an unmatched lavishness in a strategic location in the West? Our consultants will assist you in picking your perfect home in Naia West Compound. Just contact us now via WhatsApp and Nawy’s representatives will help you in purchasing your Naia West’s home. It’s time to step into unparalleled comfort and convenience!

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Naia WestEl Sheikh Zayed10,687,000 EGP
Naia WestEl Sheikh Zayed10,687,000 EGP