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Monte Galala – A Timeless Journey

Monte Galala – A Timeless Journey

Did you grow up hearing stories about the ancient Egyptian history and the powerful pharos? Have you always imagined yourself walking amongst the desert with the pilgrims seeking the truth of existence? Well with Il Monte Galala you will not have to wonder any more. The costal destination will take you on an exclusive experience between Sinai’s mountains and the Red Sea, getting you back to your ancestral roots.

The all year round coastal destination is offering you an exclusive opportunity to connect with elements of nature. As Il Monte Galala has managed to transform the rocky mountain surroundings into a mesmerizing beach paradise. Accordingly, you can indulge in a wide number of desert and coastal leisure activities, its a truly one of a kind experience.

If you want to learn more about Il Monte Galala, its countless amenities, ideal location and premium properties. Keep on reading this article and we will tell you all that and a little more!

Monte Galala

Striving for excellence, Il Monte Galala is established across 2.4 million square meters of land in Ain Sokhna. The global destination is developed by the real estate leading company, Tatweer Misr. The renowned developer partnered with world-famous companies to ensure its offering you the best experience.

One of the biggest advantages of Il Monte Galala is that it features activities for all days and all moods. Somedays you wake up with an adrenaline rush, then you could head out to the Eco Desert park and trails to go on a hike. Another day you feel like relaxing then you can enjoy some quiet time on the secluded meditation retreats on the mountain-top.

There is a lot more to do in Il Monte Galala. So let’s take a deeper dive on the coastal destination’s activities!

El Monte Galala Activities

In El Monte Galala, there is

  • Adventure park that sits on top of a mountain and features a wide array of thrilling activities. Including one of the largest outdoor climbing walls, open climbing and rope climbing areas. As well as campsites, mountain biking and hiking trails. There area also quiet areas, that can be used for bonfires and meditation.
  • 1 km mountain-top promenade which is perfect for leisure walks, jogging or cycling. With a captivating sea view, the promenade features fine dining options that will allow you to enjoy a gourmet meal under the stars.
  • Water sports and relaxing water loungers in the world’s first mountain-top beach lagoon.
  • An art and fashion school that aims to nurture creative minds

It is also worth noting that Tatweer Misr relied on global professionals to give you a unique experience. For instance the adventure park was founded by Omar Samra, the first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest and the 7 Summits.

Il Monte Galala Location

To deliver on its promise of being an all year long destination, Tatweer Misr carefully chose the location of Il Monte Galala. It is

  • only 40 kilometers away from Suez – Sokhna Road
  • just 95 kilometers far from Katameya – Sokhna Highway
  • merely 110 kilometers from Cairo – Suez Highway
  • whereas the Kuraimat – Zaafarana Road is 120 kilometers far
  • Lastly the Hurghada – Zaafarana Road is 320 kilometers away

To put that into more prespective lets take a look on how long it would take to drive.

  • From Cairo it takes exactly 1:46 minutes
  • However from Alexandria it takes up to 4 hours
  • Whereas from the New Capital the drive is just over an hour
  • Meanwhile if you are coming from Suez, it will take you around an hour

It can also be easily reached by planes and Sea as its in close proximity to Cairo International Airport and Hurghada International Airport. As well as El Sokhna International Port and Suez Canal.

Il Monte Galala Sokhna Communities

Il Monte Galala is divided into a number of communities, each with its own unique collection of properties and features.

  • Maesta Il Monte Galala, it lies on the highest point of the mountains and features a collection of twin houses a mountain-top infinity pool.
  • Isla Il Monte Galala, which rises 104 meter above sea level with private lagoon beaches and an array of properties. Lofts, standalone villas, chalets and townhouses.
  • Phia Sokhna has chalets, lofts and serviced apartments with a nude color palette that gives them a serene atmosphere. In Phia Sokhna there is also a secluded private beach and an elegant club house.
  • Elara Il Monte Galala features standalone villas, twin houses, and chalets with a panoramic view of the open sea and the sapphire lagoons.

Monte Galala Prices

Il Monte Galala features a wide array of twin houses, townhouses, standalone villas, and chalets. As well as apartments, studios and lofts. Needless to say, these properties come with different features and pricing ranges. In order to accommodate all tastes and budgets. When choosing your property in the premium coastal destination you can choose a mountain retreat finishing or beach retreat finishing.

At the moment, there is plenty of properties available for sale, for instance there are small units like

  • 1-3 bedroom chalets with a price range starting from 2,081,000 EGP up to 6,175,000 EGP1
  • Meanwhile the 1-3 bedroom apartments have prices ranging between 4,279,000 EGP and 5,824,000 EGP.
  • 1 bedroom studios with an average price of 2,176,000 EGP.

On the other hand there are larger units with higher price rates, including

  • 1-3 bedroom twin houses for the price range of 2,724,000 EGP to 11,909,000 EGP.
  • 3 bedroom townhouses that have an average price of 4,744,000 EGP.
  • Finally there are 3-4 bedroom standalone villas featuring a wide price range of 8,805,000 up to 21,467,000 EGP.

Additionally, there are properties in Il Monte Galala available for resale with prices ranging between 2,050,000 EGP and 3,000,000 EGP.

Please note that the prices and spaces of the available units are constantly updated. For the latest updates of the price list, please check out Il Monte Galala listings.

All in all, if you are looking for a year long getaway that helps you relax, unwind and indulge in countless fun activities. Then Il Monte Galala is surely the place for you!

Get your property in Il Monte Galala now through Nawy and enjoy a timeless journey in the mountains!

Please feel free to send us a message with any inquiries or comments you have regarding Il Monte Galala. Or leave your contact information down below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Il Monte GalalaAin Sokhna6,035,000 EGP
Il Monte GalalaAin Sokhna6,035,000 EGP