Al Maqsad New Capital City5,269,000 EGP

City Edge Al Maqsad – Write Your Own Story

City Edge Al Maqsad – Write Your Own Story

If you are seeking a life of serenity and comfort then you should move in City Edge Al Maqsad as quick as you can! Al Maqsad is a residential district developed by the real estate leading development company, City Edge. The compound boasts wide collection of housing units with elegant yet functional designs. On that note, the district prides itself on its fully finished Mediterranean units that lights up the New Administrative Capital.

Additionally, the compound has a wide array of top notch services and facilities. That will satisfy all your basic needs and enable you to spend enjoyable moments with your loved ones.

If you want to learn more about Al Maqsad New Capital project and its premium properties, keep on reading this article!

City Edge Al Maqsad

Al Maqsad is established across 211 acres of land in the New Administrative Capital, split into two districts. The first district is AlMaqsad Residences, which features apartments with panoramic views of lush greenery. It has 3 types of architectural styles, Mediterranean, modern and classic.

Secondly there is AlMaqsad Villas district. This one includes many types of villas such as standalone, twin villas and townhouse. It is the very first residential area to open its gates in the New Administrative Capital. City Edge promises homeowners that the novelty and comfort of this district will help you get a new meaning to life.

Al Maqsad New Capital Prices

As previously mentioned, the district has a wide range of distinctive properties. Although the properties available for sale in Al Maqsad differ in many attributes. Most importantly, they come with various price rates. Which are set according to each property’s type, location, layout and size. For instance there is

  • A 3 bedroom townhouse with a built up area of 382 square meters for the price of 8.2 million Egyptian pounds.
  • Meanwhile a 3 bedroom twin house features a built up area of 413 square meters. With an average price of 10.1 million Egyptian pound.
  • Whereas a 3 bedroom standalone villa includes a built up area of 468 square meters. For the price of 13.8 million Egyptian pounds.
  • Finally there are standalone villas with 5 bedrooms, 6-7 bathrooms and areas ranging between 464 square meters and 570 square meters. These properties have a price range starting from 15.4 million up to 17.2 million Egyptian pounds.

Please note that the prices and spaces of the available units are constantly updated. For the latest updates of the price list, please check out Al Maqsad New Capital listings.


To sum up, the properties in Al Maqsad district will give you an opportunity to write your story as you want. You just need to envision the home you want and leave the rest up to them. All the properties in El Maqsad are designed to appeal to modern tastes while maintaining a sense of refinement and elegance. They also have a beautiful view of the lush scenery that runs throughout the property.

Get you unit in Al Maqsad now through Nawy and write your own story!

If you have any comments or questions about Al Maqsad New Capital, please send us a message or leave your contact information down below and one of our property consultants will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Al Maqsad New Capital City5,269,000 EGP
Al Maqsad New Capital City5,269,000 EGP