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Starlight Developments is one of the leading developers of luxury real estate in Egypt, creating beautiful and inspirational spaces rooted in the community. With over three decades of experience, they are true pioneers of luxury real estate in Egypt. They have a heartfelt vocation to create design-driven living spaces that inspire communities to flourish with real value. Their cutting-edge and visionary architecture is founded on a quest for innovation and excellence, helping them become a world-renowned real estate brand. Their high-quality homes are built on the fundamental pillars of quality, sustainability, and value that exceed client expectations. With every project, they go above and beyond to create unique designs that capture the essence of Egyptian culture.

They are passionate about their work and want to share that passion with their community. They are devoted to the land and it is reflected in their designs. They take the time to understand their client's needs and vision to create a space that truly matches their dreams. They only use the finest materials to work with because their architecture brings to life the most outstanding designs that their clients could only dream of. They know that each client has a unique personality, and they strive to create a space that meets their design expectations and needs. They create designs that marry the best of Egyptian and modern culture.

Starlight Development’s Top Projects

Starlight’s portfolio includes a list of projects, locations, and accomplishments. They have played an important role in many of the country’s landmark projects and have helped contribute to the country’s economic progress. Some of the company’s recent projects include:

-Katameya Coast in the North Coast

-Katameya Creeks in New Cairo

-Urbn K in New Cairo

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