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Zed East : All you need to know

To further Capitalize on their Success after ZED West, Ora is has furthered their outreach in New Cairo with their project: Zed East. The excellent 400 feddans of land called Zed East is found in New Cairo and the New Capital City, and it has more than 200 feddans of greenery. The heart of the community is a residential-focused neighbourhood, where shops, offices, hotels, and medical institutions exist.

Ora Developments has been cognizant of Egypt’s real estate and development advancements, and they have included these concerns into the design of their current projects in New Cairo, which are now under construction.

Zed East will be equipped with all of the amenities and services that are now available, and the project is designed to catch the attention of customers, who will be drawn in by its distinctive, international design and architecture.

The project is made up of a variety of units, some small and some large, including 55-meter apartments, 350-meter villas, duplexes, townhouses, and garden flats, all of which are available in a variety of price ranges. The project is divided into two parts: the first is a residential area and the second is a commercial area.

In one of the most attractive and private neighbourhoods in New Cairo, visitors of ZED East will find a world of luxury and high-end housing for pleasure and living in a natural environment, as well as all of the services and amenities necessary to fulfil the demands of residents and tourists alike. The project is strategically positioned on the ring road, close to all major routes and modes of transit.

ZED New Cairo Location

Zed East spreads on almost 400 Acres and ideally located in New Kattameyya. The project strategically falls in front of Hyde Park, which has become on its own a landmark to new Cairo residents. South Teseen Road is where it is, in the middle of New Cairo , by El Ein el Sokhna road, the east ring road, and the regional ring road form a trio of connecting highways.

New Cairo is a prime example of an urban area that is attractive to investors, and the project is a focal point of the area due to its central location and it has become the topic of discussion since the developer has begun to establish it. This particular project is one of the most significant real estate enterprises, and the compound is situated on the middle ring road, which is one of the most significant roads in New Cairo, and on the famous 90th Street, as well as being situated near the region’s key points and the famous and significant places.

It is just a few minutes away from two of the region’s most major projects, Hyde Park Compound and La Vista City, and is also near to the American University (10 minutes away) and the airport, Nasr City, as well as Heliopolis.

El Patio Oro and New Katameya projects in the Fifth Settlement area are some of the most important local spots, and are also among the most attractive sites for people to live in at a high level of luxury.

ZED East’s Amenities

  • If someone is searching for a residence, the services accessible to the residents are of utmost importance, and within this ZED complex, every need of the citizen has been catered for, therefore it is the perfect choice for living, with these vital services:
  • The gardens, which take up the greatest amount of land in the complex, have a range of plant life, from trees to flowers, to offer a view with an appealing touch and to keep the air fresh, comfortable, and peaceful.
  • The site of the main garden is 50 acres in size, and has picnic tables, hiking and running trails, and a place to relax.
  • With a stunning panorama and an attractive foreign style, artificial lakes and landscapes provide a place where the units may be displayed in their finest.
  • Clubs and kid’s facilities, such playgrounds, private pools, and nurseries, are often seen at entertainment venues.
  • In addition to saunas and jacuzzis, there are various sizes of pools in distinct places.
  • A high-end shopping complex with many stores that offers the latest fashions from worldwide designers and all manner of apparel, accessories, jewellery, and gifts.
  • A menu with the most excellent restaurants and cafés.
  • There’s a 50-acre gym that has a variety of playgrounds, including those for basketball, squash, and football.
  • The pharmacy, mosque, and any other services the residents might possibly need.
  • The complex has 24-hour security, a security team, and surveillance cameras throughout.
  • All residents’ automobiles come with well equipped garages and comprehensive insurance systems.

Z East New Cairo’s features

  • A lush nature full of lush green places for enjoyment.
  • The following sports areas are available: tennis, squash, and football.
  • New Cairo is home to the largest club in the city, which spans a land area of 45 acres.
  • Two notable safety features: an emergency alarm and a waste disposal system.
  • Electronic gateways for easy entry to the building.
  • an enclosed and protected parking garage for automobiles
  • An appropriately outfitted swimming pool.
  • A multitude of gardens catering to a range of leisure pursuits may be found in a lovely natural setting.
  • malls featuring numerous big-name companies from across the world
  • The Compound is near several specialised institutions, foreign schools, and government schools.
  • All the household essentials available in hypermarkets.
  • A health club with a hot tub, spa, and sauna.
  • To safeguard you and your family, the compound features surveillance cameras.

The design of ZED East encourages walking and cycling while diverting vehicles away from the area with a diverse network of walkways and thoroughfares that wind through beautifully groomed neighbourhoods and parks.

It is the Club that is the focal point of the development, bringing together an exceptional combination of world-class sporting and hospitality amenities set against a backdrop of gorgeous surroundings.

There are many swimming pools within the Club, as well as football and tennis institutes, and the facility caters to both amateur and aspiring professional sportsmen. The Clubhouse is designed to serve as the social hub of the property, and it has a variety of food and beverage options, lounges, a play area, and various event space in and around it.

ZED East Masterplan

The project offers several types of residences, including apartments, villas, duplexes, and other units, as well as rooms that have been split according to contemporary standards in this region as follows:

  • The project is planned to cover 450 acres, which will be needed to construct several types of residential, commercial, and administrative structures.
  • New Cairo will have a playground and sports club in the Fifth Settlement on 50 acres. Only 20 percent of the entire land will be used for the structures.
  • The development’s implementing firm has set aside 200 acres for gardens and green areas to give the greatest views for residents in all units.
  • Villas, townhouses, and duplexes are offered in various sizes, starting at 170 square metres and rising up to 350 square metres.
  • Apartments come in sizes from 55 square metres to 240 square metres, with many sizes in between, and are arranged to suit the available space.
  • The kitchen and air-conditioning have been supplied to all units, which have been completed to the greatest quality.
  • All apartments are fitted with the most up-to-date appliances and are decorated to a high degree.
  • Space is considered a luxury in the concept. All residences, whether they are flats or villas, have one of three options for their common space: gardens, expansive courtyards, or The Club.
  • The commercial uses are grouped together, and situated in the middle of the complex to ensure that accessibility and circulation are maximised.
  • Streets and open areas each have their own unique character, and this implies that no two courtyards or streets are identical.

ZED East’s Properties

Zed East encompasses Apartments and Villas. The Apartments range from single to triple bedrooms. Regarding the apartment buildings, they are comprised of ground floor in addition to 8 floors. The Villas, on the other hand, with their various types, range from 170 sqm to 350 sqm as a total Built Up Area. All units come fully finished, with spectacular finishing to look forward to.

ZED East Apartments

The apartment buildings are designed to seem as though they are many structures, but in fact they are one.

A simple and clear material palette is utilised to build a succession of languages, while fun solid-void, light-dark, monolithic-delicate interactions complement this.

Beneath its dynamic surface, this project’s logical layout is geared for maximum frontage and green space.

Zed East Villas

The villas are placed in the middle of the single-family neighbourhood in the southeast corner of the masterplan, each boasting a large floor-to-floor height of 4 metres.

The basic volumes consist of crisp, white render and warm local limestone. The use of louvres in the facades and pergolas adds detail, which is complemented by the shifting play of shadows.

Zed East Prices

Disclaimer: Prices and availabilities of real estate projects are updated on a daily basis. For more updated information about unit availabilities, areas and prices, click on Zed East Or you can always reach out to us on #AskNawy or call us on +201022088888 .

-Zed Apartments range from 2,298,000 to 6,190,000

-Penthouses range from 6,356,000 to 8,370,000

-Duplexes range from 7,514,350 to 77,230,000

-Chalets range from 6,715,000 to 14,407,000

-Townhouses range from 7,850,000 to 9,414,000

ZED East in a Nutshell

ZED New Cairo, which is being developed by a well-known worldwide developer, offers both luxury and uniqueness. Following in the footsteps of ZED Sheikh Zayed, ZED East is already being anticipated with great hopes. Meeting such high expectations with a let-down is not even an option for this project, which will in no way be the last of Ora’s initiatives in Egypt and will not be the last of its kind in the country.

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