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Telal Soul project: Where Luxury And Simplicity Meets

Telal Soul project: Where Luxury And Simplicity Meets
Telal Soul project

Where effortless living meets relaxed indulgences, the Telal Soul project is a one-of-a-kind seaside resort by Roya Developments. The resort has everything you could think of in a summer vacation destination from the wide range of amenities to the unique collection of properties catering to everyone’s needs and wants. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know in Telal Soul from A to Z.

Telal Soul project

Telal Soul, the new extension of Telal North Coast, is the latest child of Roya Developments that presents a seamless blend of effortless residency and simple opulence. Conveniently located 129 km on the Alexandria Matrouh Coastal Road near El Alamein in a prime location that we will go over in detail later. Also, the Telal Soul project occupies a private elevation with lush gardens and captivating panoramic sea views.

Embracing the unique spirit of the North Coast, the master plan of the Telal Soul project by Oekoplan features a diverse range of villas, twin houses, and chalets offering private views of the Mediterranean seacoast. The developer has carefully crafted the landscape to boast exquisite water features, a private lagoon, swimming pools, and a huge selection of restaurants, providing a stunning environment to indulge in unique experiences.

Additionally, at the heart of the Telal Soul project lies the magnificent 29,000 sqm swimmable lagoon, the largest crystallized lagoon in the North Coast. The lagoon’s tranquil waters invite homeowners to embark on soul-free journeys, offering unparalleled privacy and relaxation. Living by the lagoon, homeowners wake up to impeccable views, creating unforgettable memories within the comfort of their homes.

The Lagoon of Telal Soul project draws its inspiration from the natural coastal beauty, offering spacious living areas with private terraces set on a tiered landscape, allowing for a seamless indoor-outdoor experience with nature. The project’s timeless design and high-end experiences make it an iconic landmark, redefining the concept of coastal living.

Ready to experience the charm of the Telal Soul project and immerse yourself in its panoramic beachfront views and year-round indulgence, let’s start planning for your stay with a look at the prices and spaces available.

Telal Soul North Coast prices

Properties in Telal Soul vary from villas to twin houses, townhouses, penthouses, and chalets with different spaces and prices such as:

  • A 300 m2 villa in the Telal Soul project has an average price of 25,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • While a 168 m2 twin house has an average price of 14,200,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Moreover, a penthouse with a space of 160 m2 has an average price of 12,350,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Meanwhile, the 112 m2 chalet in the Telal Soul project could cost you an average price of 6,800,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Lastly, a 127 m2 chalet has an average price of 9,600,000 Egyptian pounds.

Please note that the resort contains many other listed properties. The prices and spaces of the available units are constantly under update.
For the latest price list update, please check out Telal Soul listings.

Next on our agenda, we have the location of the Telal Soul as the resort occupies a one-of-a-kind location.

Telal Soul Resort location

The location of Telal is a strategic location that falls in the heart of the North Coast area. As we have mentioned the resort falls on the 129 km point of Alexandria-Matroh road and it is near many vital places such as:

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Telal - North CoastSidi Abdel Rahman13,600,000 EGP
Telal - North CoastSidi Abdel Rahman13,600,000 EGP