Il Monte GalalaAin Sokhna5,418,000 EGP

IL Monte Galala ElSokhna: A Year Around Resort

IL Monte Galala ElSokhna: A Year Around Resort
Il Monte Galala Elsokhna

of IL Monte Galala ElSokhna is not just a place for a quick vacation, but also a place to go to all year round.

It features many services and facilities that make it a unique vacation destination, as well as for those who want to lead a calm and peaceful life.

In this article, we will tell you all about IL Monte Galala, from its amenities to its properties that are currently available.

IL Monte Galala ElSokhna

IL Monte Galala ElSokhna is spread over an area of 2.24 million sqm in one of the most elite spots in El Ain El Sokhna.

Moreover, it is only 40 km away from the Suez – Sokhna Road and 120 km away from Cairo.

All things considered, the location is easily accessible, and IL Monte Galala can be reached by everybody.

Its prime location isn’t the only privilege of owning a property there. IL Monte Galala’s amenities are world-class as well as one-of-a-kind.

IL Monte Galala Amenities

The amenities that spread over every inch of IL Monte Galala are unique.

The Mountain-Top Lagoon at IL Monte Galala

The first-of-its-kind mountain-top lagoon is spread over a 200,000 sqm area. It ends by meeting an 11 km shoreline, forming a bewitching earthly Eden.

Adventure Park

Ready for some adrenaline pump?

IL Monte Galala offers those seeking some thrill the chance to enjoy many activities that will make the adrenaline levels increase in their bodies.

All the adventure seekers will find various outdoor climbing walls and open climbing areas.

Not to forget about the campsites, rope climbing, and mountain biking.

Additionally, for the serene ones, there are many calm areas for tranquil people to use as spots for bonfires and meditation. Time to recharge your spiritual energy!

Mountain-Top Promenade

By the end of the day, wouldn’t it be magical to witness the dawn along with some fine dining at an exceptional eatery?

Hence, IL Monte Galala ElSokhna’s mountain-top promenade is here to offer you that.

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As can be seen, the IL Monte Galala’s master plan is all about giving its residents the time of their lives, consequently, it included such exclusive amenities.

Master Plan of IL Monte Galala

IL Monte Galala ElSokhna
IL Monte Galala Master Plan

IL Monte Galala ElSokhna has a majestic master plan because:

  • the many water features available
  • the services and facilities the resort has
  • the many variety of units available there

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IL Monte Galala Properties for Sale

There are many properties for sale and resale in IL Monte Galala.


  • One studio is available for resale with a 60 sqm area and costs 2,350,000 EGP.


  • The chalets available for sale have areas ranging from 70 sqm to 115 sqm with prices starting from 5,488,000 EGP.
  • 22 chalets are available for resale with areas ranging from 70 sqm to 175 sqm. Their prices start from 3,075,000 EGP.


  • A 155 sqm townhouse for sale costs 13,486,000 EGP.
  • A 175 sqm townhouse is available for resale and costs 10,000,000 EGP.

Twin Houses

  • A 175 sqm twin house for sale costs 16,349,000 EGP.
  • Moreover, two twin houses are available for resale: one with an area of 175 sqm and costs 7,175,000 EGP, and the other one with a 180 sqm area and costs 9,511,487 EGP.

Standalone Villas 

  • A 220 sqm standalone villa for sale costs 25,809,000 EGP.
  • Four villas are available for resale starting with areas ranging from 275 sqm to 300 sqm, and prices starting from 10,000,000 EGP.

Please note that the prices of the available properties are constantly updated. For the latest updates on the price list, please check out IL Monte Galala listings.

Be ready for the experience of your lifetime at IL Monte Galala ElSokhna.

Contact Nawy via WhatsApp and one of our consultants will help you book your property at IL Monte Galala.

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Il Monte GalalaAin Sokhna5,418,000 EGP
Il Monte GalalaAin Sokhna5,418,000 EGP