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Stei8ht 1st Settlement – Greener On This Side

Stei8ht 1st Settlement – Greener On This Side
Stei8ht 1st Settlement

It is well-known that it is always greener on the other side, but when it comes to Stei8ht 1st Settlement Compound it is greener on this side! 

The prestigious compound is not only filled to the brim with lush greenery and mesmerizing elements of nature but it also offers a premium lifestyle with endless amenities at your fingertips. In other words, the compound is literally and metaphorically on the greener side.

Keep reading to learn more about Stei8ht and life within its gates.

Stei8ht 1st Settlement

LMD developed Stei8ht 1st Settlement Compound to offer a contemporary living experience amidst nature. The moment you step into the compound, you will be greeted with greenery as far as the eye can see complimented with flower parks and glistening water features.

Deeper into the compound you will find a myriad of amenities that not only cater to all your basic needs but also plenty of things to do in your leisure time. Bear in mind that the amenities of Stei8ht Compound include but are not limited to:

  • Art gallery and boutique gallery
  • Cultural hub
  • Reading area
  • Sports facilities including an outdoor gym, indoor gym, and multipurpose courts
  • Skate park
  • Cycling and jogging trails
  • Areas dedicated to kids’ entertainment including playgrounds, birthday zones, amphitheater, and outdoor DIY zones
  • Commercial areas
  • Fine-dining venues
  • Medical and wellness center
  • Organic food garden
  • Offices
  • Yoga zones
  • Barbeque zones
  • Outdoor working pods

Life seems better already? Wait till you read about the prime location of Stei8ht in the 1st Settlement.

Discover more about the compound in Stei8ht: 8 States of Living at a 0% DP!

Stei8ht New Cairo Location

Stei8ht has an ideal location in the 1st Settlement, New Cairo with immediate access to Mohamed Naguib Road and Youssef Al Sebai Axis. This ideal location is only 40 minutes from New Capital City and less than a 30-minute drive from:

  • AUC
  • Downtown Mall
  • Cairo International Airport
  • Ain Sokhna Road
  • Heliopolis

On that high note, let’s find you a property in Stei8ht to call home.

Houses in Stei8ht For Sale

  • At the moment, there are luxurious standalone villas for sale in Stei8ht Compound from LMD. Featuring 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a 390 sqm built up area, these properties are available for 48,700,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Meanwhile, larger 4-bedroom standalone villas with 5 bathrooms and a 615 sqm built up area cost 83,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Also, there are standalone villas in Stei8ht 1st Settlement Compound featuring 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and a 485 sqm built up area. These villas are available for 60,700,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Lastly, there are elegant standalone villas listed for resale with prices ranging between 28,914,000 and 42,696,645 Egyptian pounds. These villas feature 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a 390 sqm built up area.

Please note that the available properties and their prices are constantly updated. For the latest updates on the price list, please check out Stei8ht Compound listings.

Want to live on the greener side of life? Nawy can help you with that!

Simply call or text via the buttons below and one of our property consultants will help you pick & purchase the best property in Stei8ht 1st Settlement.

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Stei8htNew Cairo8,600,000 EGP
Stei8htNew Cairo8,600,000 EGP