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How To Go From Cairo To El Gouna?

How To Go From Cairo To El Gouna?
cairo to el gouna

Asking about how to go from Cairo to El Gouna? We are here to answer you. El Gouna is one of the top-class resorts in Egypt and lies in a premium location on the Red Sea coast. It’s easily accessible from different places, either by car or airplane, you can arrive there easily.

In this article, we will answer you about how to get to El Gouna, and provide you with some details about El Gouna itself, what it offers and the top projects available there.

Cairo To El Gouna

Orascome Developments, the developer of El Gouna, focused on establishing the resort town in an easily accessible location. Why? To make it easy for both guests and homeowners to come and see this one-of-a-kind town.

El Gouna can be accessed by car as it only takes from 5 to 6 hours from Cairo and the distance is about 460 kilometers. Will it be a long journey for you? No problem, you can come by an airplane.

The resort town, El Gouna Egypt lies only 1 hour and 15 minutes away from Cairo, if you’re coming by airplane. After arriving at the closest airport which is Hurghada International Airport, you will find yourself just 26 kilometers away from the hidden gem.

It’s worth noting that El Gouna lies only 4 hours away from major European capitals which makes it a convenient and accessible destination to tourists from different destinations.

After exploring the ways you can use to get to El Gouna, let’s discover the resort town itself.

El Gouna

The beautiful Gouna offers a unique vacation experience as it stretches over 10 kilometers of pristine shoreline on the Red Sea Coast. This allows you to experience various activities such as water sports and more.

What makes El Gouna stand out is that it includes something for everyone. Whether searching for a quiet place to relax away from the city noise or looking for new experiences, The resort town has it all.

Orascom Developments, made sure to provide a thing for everyone, as there are many activities you can try such as:

  • Golf courses, for both experienced and inexperienced players.
  • Water sports
  • Swimming pools and beaches
  • Family fun activities.

All of these and more are waiting for you in this amazing destination.

Did we mention that EL Gouna has a lot of residential projects that offer a unique living experience? Let’s get to know some of them.

El Gouna New Projects

The resort town, of El Gouna Egypt, offers a range of top-class projects that have everything you might need. Some of these top projects are:

  • Fairways
  • Kamaran
  • North Bay
  • Pearl
  • Shedwan
  • Art Island
  • Miramar Residence
  • Ancient Hill
  • The Nines

Each one of these compounds offers different residential options. Some of them offer apartments, others offer chalets and standalone villas. These properties are available in different sizes and layouts to meet all preferences.

Prices differ according to the compound, property type, and the size of the unit.

Through this article, we have provided you with the ways you can use to get from Cairo to El Gouna, you should have no problem with directions now, you can now start living! Contact one of Nawy property consultants by pressing the WhatsApp button and book your property now.

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Miramar ResidenceEl Gouna839,000 USD
Miramar ResidenceEl Gouna839,000 USD