Art Island in El Gouna by Orascom Development Egypt


El Gouna, Egypt

Minimum Price

715,529 USD

Maximum Price

892,748 USD


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About Art Island

Unique Selling Points at ART Island

Lagoon Shoreline

The lagoon shoreline at Art Island in Gouna, which is surrounded by lush greenery is a great place to stop and relax! 

Liner swimming pools

The Art Island project has stunning, liner swimming pools running the length of the project to give you the most luxurious, relaxing experience possible. 

Garden Areas

Take your beloved kids and go to the garden area of the Art Island in El Gouna for a picnic or take some fun family photos!

Community Centers 

Gather with your friend or meet like-minded people in the high-end community centers of the Art Island by Orascom.

About Art Island Project

Orascom developments is one of the big names in the real estate industry. The Company established Art Island in El Gouna Project across over 48,000 sqm of land. The project comes with a state-of-the-art rammed-earth design, which is highly compatible with El Gouna's desert climate. This design is ideal to offer you a sense of beauty in nature. 

Art Island Location 

The Art Island Project has a prime location in the heart of El Gouna. Generally, El Gouna is located exactly ‌25 km north of Hurghada on the Red Sea Coast.

-The Art Island Project is easily accessible through Hurgada - Al ismailya/ Hurgada - Cairo Road.

-Also, Art Island in El Gouna is 42 KMS away from Hurghada International Airport.

- It’s only 35 minutes away from the Hurgada Region

- The Art Island is just 3 minutes drive away from El Gouna Hospital 

Property Types in Art Island 

The properties in the Art Island in Gouna are divided into standalone one-storey and two-storey villas. All of these villas are built on the waterfront around a private lagoon.  

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