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Majada - Iwan - Sokhna - Chalet 2BD - First Floor

Majada Iwan , Ain Sokhna, Egypt

2 Bedrooms







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Developer Sale








Property type: Chalet

Number of bedrooms: 2

Built Up Area minimum: 102

Finishing: finished

Ready by: 2025-08-30

Payment plans:

: 1629

Equal installments: Cash value - 20734 ,Percentage - 79.0%

Years: 9

Down payment: Cash value - 262467 ,Percentage - 10.0%

Unique Selling Points at Majada El Sokhna 

Unique Design

Majada Ain Sokhna Village is a full-service project in which the forces of engineering creativity gathered for its emergence with a sophisticated architectural design that keeps pace with the modern era and draws civilized landmarks through typical planning for luxury, and privacy that takes you to a fantasy world of creativity and distinction for you and your family.

About Majada Iwan

Iwan Real Estate Development Company has allocated an area of ​​101 acres to establish all the necessary occupancy and facilities in the village of Majada Ain Sokhna. The occupancy varies and holds 88.5%. While buildings occupy 13.5% of the total area.

Majada Sokhna Resort Location

The village of Majada Ain Sokhna is located in the city of El Galala, in the Ain Sokhna region.

Property Types in Majada Compound

Intimate and exclusive, Majada’s living spaces inspire bright and airy comfort. Its wide-ranging villas, twin houses, chalets, and duplexes open to a private view of the Red Sea coastline and exquisite mountain landscapes. The outdoor facades feature artisanal light and dark desert-themed touches that are in harmony with its tranquil surroundings. The earthy ambiance seamlessly blends within the modern living spaces, creating a grounding atmosphere that inspires a long-term stay.