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DM Developments is a Tourism Development aiming to become the number one company in the field. DM Developments, running on massive experience, aims to change urban culture through providing sustainable, well-designed, luxurious and environmentally-friendly residential homes. That is to please and ease clients’ lives through creative community-based societies. DM Developments is the base for several experts in charge of the entire tourism property cycle: Property Development, Transaction, Consulting, Valuation, Property Management and Investment Management. They are developing sustainable communities which offer luxury as well as added value to their clients’ lives by changing the urban city concept. They apply their expertise according to their clients' developing needs from plan to construction, from construction to occupation, from occupation to maintenance, and from maintenance to value enhancement. DM Developments brand name means it is committed to delivering exceptional designs, quality and service in their projects, thereby guaranteeing their clients the benefit of across-the-board tourism property development under one roof.

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