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Mazarine Alamein : Everything you need to Know!

Mazarine Alamein : Everything you need to Know!

City Edge Developments strikes again with Mazarine Alamein that will blast the thoughts of all the dazzling sun, glittering coasts and adrenaline pounding activities fans. It ensures a memorable vacation at Mazarine, the private 72 acres hideaway in the enchanting New Alamein City.

Mazarine Alamein

The residential compound’s greatest asset: being surrounded by the deepest shades of a blue lagoon gave way to the name ‘mazarine.’ The shade resonates depth and intuition on an artistic level.

The word “Mazarin” means dark blue shades, and the compound is the new challenge for the “City Edge” institution, as for the first time you will find a project in El Alamein that includes chalets, villas and twin houses.

Mazarine Alamein Location

Mazarin village is located in a distinguished location in the new city of El Alamein in the west of the North Coast. The location of the village is:

  • The village is also located in the way of Alexandria Matrouh, kilometer 107.
  • Mazarin village is located next to the town of Alexandria and can be reached in an hour and a quarter.
  • Mazarin is 261 kilometers from Cairo and can be reach in two and a half hours.
  • The village of Mazarin is 184 km from Matrouh, so it can be reached in two hours.
  • Mazarin is 54 km from El Alamein Airport.
  • The village is 89 km from Borg El Arab Airport.
  • The location of Mazarin New Alamein Compound.

The New Alamein City, which occupies more than 48,000 Feddans of land, is transforming our image of the North Coast experience from a seasonal stop to an all-year attraction. With its :

  • parks
  • schools
  • colleges
  • business
  • and retail districts

the city beats to a contemporary rhythm appropriate for striving people to live a well-balanced existence. Museums, opera houses, foreign and national schools, and universities provide citizens with the greatest degree of artistry and knowledge to help them develop a community.

The elements for New Alamein’s success in becoming an exceptional fourth generation metropolis are:

  • quality
  • immaculate planning
  • and a quest for the ideal living experience.

New Alamein City, spread over more than 48,000 Feddans and expected to house more than 3 million people by 2030, has transformed our perspective of the North Coast from a summer resort to an all-year-round definitive depiction of what a city should be. Its strategic position gives it a distinct personality in the Egyptian market. With 14 kilometres of gorgeous blue seashore, New Alamein City awes tourists and provides inhabitants with houses in paradise.

There are no compromises in terms of amenities and services; world-class industrial, touristic, agricultural, and trade components appeal to both local and international sectors. Its flawless quality, perfect planning, and passion for the ideal living experience are the elements for New Alamein’s success as a fourth-generation metropolis and Egypt’s future.

Mazarine North Coast Master Plan

The project spans 72 feddans and has a mix of villas, twin villas, and chalets surrounded by swimmable lagoons and breathtaking views of The Gate and North Edge buildings.

Mazarine, located in New Alamein’s first phase, spans 707 feddans and offers a range of residential projects such as:

  • villas
  • twin villas
  • chalets
  • flats
  • commercial zones

Surrounded by glistening sandy beaches, accessible lagoons, and an array of sports, leisure, and entertainment facilities, the Mazarine community is enhance by breathtaking views overlooking The Gate and North Edge Towers, as well as being adjacent to North Square, the North Coast’s largest commercial project.

Mazarine also immediately overlooks lagoons that are linked to the beach and ocean by canals that pass under bridges, creating a gorgeous vista and a fascinating corniche that encircles the town.

Unit-Specific Amenities

    • Fiber to home (data)
    • Triple play outlet system
    • Intercom system

Mazarine El Sahel’s Features

The following facilities and amenities are included in the project:

  • The Marina
  • The hotel
  • ‘The Beach Club’
  • The CBD is an abbreviation for the Central Business District.
  • Also, The Boulevard
  • Also, Central Park
  • Backup Generators for Emergency Situations
  • Automated Street Lighting is a kind of street lighting that is control by a computer.
  • Also, Fiber to the Home
  • The Triple Play System
  • Lagoons that may be swum in
  • Also, Promenade along the Seashore
  • Also, a social gathering place
  • “North Square” is a commercial strip.
  • Swimming pools
  • Pools in the Style of a Seaside
  • Bike and jogging trails
  • Racks for Bicycles
  • A play area for children.

City Edge Developments

City Edge Developments is Egypt’s largest real estate developer and development manager on a national scale. The partnership formed by the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) and the Housing and Development Bank (HDB). City Edge Developments creates and administers high-end real estate developments. In addition to a diverse land bank for third–party accounts, they manage indirect real estate assets across all asset classes, including residential, hotel, retail, office, and education.

Mazarin New Alamein Prices

  • Chalet prices range from 5,400 million Egyptian pounds up to 6,200 million Egyptian pounds.

Please note that the prices and spaces of the available units are constantly updated. For the latest update of the price list, please click on here.

Payment Systems

  • 5% down payment and the rest over 7 Years
  • Without down payment, the value of the housing unit is to be paid over 6 Years

Conclusion for Mazarine Alamein

After reading the article, we hope that you will share with us in the comments your opinions about the services provided by mazarine north coast. To know more details about other compounds and their prices, visit our website:

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MazarineAl Alamein11,628,000 EGP
MazarineAl Alamein11,628,000 EGP