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Everything About Downtown Alamein Developer

Everything About Downtown Alamein Developer
Downtown Alamein Developer

Downtown New Alamein project is a famous seaside destination in the North Coast. The resort was developed by a real estate guru, City Edge, who has a great experience in the real estate field and was established as a joint project between the government and a famous public Egyptian bank. In this article, we will go through Downtown Alamein Developer before deeply delving into the resort’s amenities, facilities, properties, and location.

Downtown Alamein Developer

While the resort is a landmark in The New Alamein area, the Downtown Alamein developer is no less famous than the resort itself. As we have mentioned that the Downtown Alamein developer was established as a joint project between New Urban Communities Authority and Housing and Development Bank. The company has the vision to become remarkable and to get recognized by everyone for offering sustainable value and changing people’s lives with their projects.

Downtown Alamein developer, City  Edge, summarizes its values in integrity, honesty, trust, quality, and simplicity. The company has a wide range of projects from residential to commercial, administrative, and beachfront including:

  • Mazarine North Coast.
  • Maspero Business Tower.
  • Etapa, 6th of October.

While we have touched upon the details of the Downtown Alamein developer, now is the time to turn our attention to the Downtown Alamein resort itself as the resort includes a wide range of amenities, services, and facilities that will blow your mind.

Downtown New El Alamein

Developed by City Edge to be on top of North Coast resorts and shape the area of New Alamein, Downtown is a resort that has everything you could ask for. The resort’s wide range of amenities includes:

  • Fine dining restaurants.
  • Outdoor swimming areas.
  • entertainment venues.
  • cycling lanes.

Downtown Alamein has a main large piazza that includes a wide array of retail stores and commercial units with different features. Downtown Alamein has put your health and shape in front of its eyes with its 2 fully equipped health and wellness centers. Lastly, the resort includes a wide array of open spaces and greenery where you can have some quality time or enjoy a one-of-a-kind picnic with your family.

While we have seen the amenities, services, and facilities available in Downtown Alamein, let’s have a look at the properties it includes.

Prices of Downtown New Alamein

Downtown New Alamein resort includes a wide range of properties with different types, spaces, and prices, catering to different needs and requirements such as:

  • A 157 m2 apartment in Downtown New Alamein has an average price of 4,455,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Moreover, the 178 m2 apartment has an average price of 5,295,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Meanwhile, the 322 m2 penthouse has an average price of 8,900,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Also, there is a resale 178 m2 apartment with an average price of 4,800,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Lastly, a 157 m2 chalet in Downtown has an average price of 4,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Please note that the resort contains many other listed properties while the prices and spaces of the available units are constantly under update.
For the latest price list update, please check out Boislands listings.

Still interested in knowing more, get more information about Downtown New Alamein and its location in Downtown El Alamein – An All Year Round Destination

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Downtown New AlameinAl Alamein8,826,000 EGP
Downtown New AlameinAl Alamein8,826,000 EGP