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Everything About Zoe Badya Compound

Everything About Zoe Badya Compound
Zoe Badya Compound

Sixth of October district, a vibrant Cairo zone adorned with a diverse range of gated residential communities where you can embrace a life of absolute convenience, with all your desires catered for just moments away from home. Witness the unveiling of Zoe, the latest phase of Badya, the esteemed residential project in October City established by Palm Hills. This article is a captivating journey through the Zoe Project in 6 October, that will make you immersed in its lavish amenities and the abundance of property options it has.

Zoe Badya Compound

Zoe Badya Compound, an expansion of the esteemed Badya Compound developed by Palm Hills on sprawling 28-acre land, is an integral part of the visionary city that spans over 3000 acres. Badya showcases exceptional designs and expansive green landscapes, revolutionizing the real estate industry with innovative concepts and advanced technologies. Zoe Badya Compound fully integrated project ensures residents have access to a wide range of services and facilities, fulfilling their every need within the community.

The magnificent Palm Hills Club spread across 85 acres, stands as West Cairo’s largest club, prioritizing the well-being and fitness of Badya’s residents. With state-of-the-art facilities and experienced trainers, individuals of all fitness levels can achieve their goals. The equestrian facilities, overseen by the renowned Rob Ehrens, guarantee exceptional horse care and management.

Zoe Badya Compound boasts three unique parks: Linear, Sports, and Community parks. The Community parks provide abundant green spaces where neighbors can come together and foster a strong sense of community. Alongside recreational areas, these parks offer convenient amenities such as a small mart, laundry pick-up, and ATMs to cater to residents’ daily needs.

At the heart of Badya lies The District Center, a hub of convenience just minutes away from your home. This vibrant center caters to your weekly needs, featuring a variety of office spaces and mixed-use units. Embrace a thriving community and meet your practical requirements in the bustling heart of Zoe Badya Compound.

While we have seen the wide range of amenities available in the compound let’s have a look at the properties available in the compound.

Zoe October prices

The wide range of properties in Zoe Extension varies between villas and townhouses and also comes at different spaces and prices such as:

  • A 180 m2 villa in Zoe Extension has an average price of 9,753,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • While an average price of 10,334,000 Egyptian pounds could buy you a 199 m2 villa.
  • Moreover, a 364 m2 villa in Zoe Extension has an average price of 17,521,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The 190 m2 townhouse has an average price of 8,175,000 Egyptian pounds.

Please note that the resort contains many other listed properties. The prices and spaces of the available units are constantly under update.
For the latest price list update, please check out Zoe Palmhills’ listings.

Next on our agenda, we have the location of the compound.

Zoe Badya location

Zoe Extension is strategically located in the heart of the 6 October area. This location is a prime selection by Palm Hills Company, supported by their huge experience. Situated on Oasis Road, it offers convenient access to key destinations:

  • just 35 minutes from Sphinx International Airport
  • and 40 minutes from The New Administrative Capital.

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