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What is New Administrative Capital? 3 Things You Need To Know

What is New Administrative Capital? 3 Things You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered what is New Administrative Capital? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Many people have heard about the new city but don’t exactly know a lot about it. Like where is it located, why was it built, what facilities and services are available, and of course what residential options are available.

In this blog, we will answer all your questions about the New Administrative Capital and what it has to offer.

What is New Administrative Capital?

First of all, what is New Administrative Capital? Simply put, the New Capital is planned to become Egypt and the region’s leading political, cultural, and economic center. Also, the city addresses the growing population issues as it will be home to over

Accordingly, the city is built with international standards and offers a myriad of lucrative opportunities for businesses and families looking for a convenient modern life.

We promised you 3 important facts about the city and now we will deliver!

1.  Where is the New Capital of Egypt?

One of the most important things you need to know about the New Administrative Capital is its ideal location. The city is exactly on the borders of Badr City between Cairo – Suez and Cairo – Ain Sokhna Road.

Additionally, the location of Egypt’s New Capital is east of the Regional Ring Road near:

  • New Cairo
  • Madinaty
  • Mostakbal City

2. Services & Facilities of New Administrative Capital

To offer a modern convenient living experience, New Administrative Capital features a wide range of unparalleled services and facilities, including:

  • Governmental institutions
  • New Capital International Airport
  • Public transportation (including the monorail and a train)
  • Educational institutions (national and international schools and universities)
  • A sports stadium
  • An amusement park
  • Hotels
  • Enterinamnent facilities
  • Shopping malls

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3. Projects in New Capital Egypt

Last but surely not least, the projects in New Administrative Capital vary between residential, commercial, and mixed-use. So whether you are looking for a home or the best place to conduct business, you will easily find the right fit in the city.

The projects of New Capital Egypt include but are not limited to:

  • Il Bosco New Capital by Misr Italia
  • The Capitalway by The Waterway Developments
  • Castle Landmark by Cred Developments
  • Atika by New Plan 
  • Scene 7 by Akam Developments
  • La Verde Casette by La Verde Developments
  • Rivan New Capital by Altameer Arabian Developments CO.
  • The Loft Plaza by Living Yard Developments
  • OIA by Edge Holding
  • Entrada by Sorouh Developments

You are probably wondering what are the average prices of these projects. But we will do you one better and give you the price range of the most popular property types in New Capital.

New Capital Prices

  • There are apartments available in New Administrative Capital compounds with prices ranging from 2,058,210 EGP to 10,155,000 EGP.
  • Meanwhile, villas (twin villas, townhouses, and standalone villas) have prices ranging between 8,245,350 EGP and 38,000,000 EGP.
  • On the other hand, the offices in New Capital are available for a price range of 682,000 EGP to 153,439,747 EGP.
  • Lastly, the retail units are listed with a price range of 1,332,260 EGP to 501,220,000 EGP.

Please note that the prices of the available properties are constantly updated. For the latest updates on the price list, please check out Egypt New Capital listings.

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Il Bosco New CapitalNew Capital City7,854,683 EGP
Il Bosco New CapitalNew Capital City7,854,683 EGP