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Exploring the New Capital Area: A Vision of Modernity

Exploring the New Capital Area: A Vision of Modernity

Established to reshape the economic scene and the living standards in the region, New Administrative Capital is a vision of modernity and sustainability. To be more precise, the New Capital area is filled with smart infrastructure, governmental institutions, commercial projects, business hubs, and high-end residential compounds with international standards.

In this blog, we will shed light on what’s waiting for you inside the New Capital and what the city has to offer the world.

New Capital Area

The New Capital area is 168,000 acres and over that large area, the city is filled with world-class facilities, important destinations, and endless housing options. To be more precise, New Capital includes:

  • Governmental institutions including ministries
  • Around 60 schools and 8 universities
  • Green River
  • Central Park
  • Expo City
  • A presidential palace
  • Medical City
  • Sports stadium
  • Abundance of residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects
  • Entertainment City
  • Cultural center
  • Opera house
  • Business district
  • Headquarters of the Smart Village and the Banking District
  • International Airport
  • Sports facilities including fitness tracks, horse riding rings, cycling trails, and an aqua park for sailing and rowing
  • Enterinamnet facilities including an amusement park, zoo, playgrounds,
  • Art museum and a science and technology museum
  • Roman theater

Simply put, New Capital City features a diverse range of facilities and services catering to the various needs and interests of the city’s residents, ensuring a high quality of life.

Fun fact: The New Capital area is equivalent to the area of Singapore! 

So imagine how convenient life can be with all that just around the corner from your home! On that note, let’s take a look at the best projects in New Capital for you to live or conduct business from.

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Best Projects in New Capital Egypt

As previously noted, the projects in the New Capital area vary between residential, commercial, and mixed-use. First, the best commercial projects in the city include but are not limited to:

  • Nile Business City by Nile Developments
  • Amazon Capital Diamond Tower by Amazon Holding
  • Taj Tower by Taj Misr
  • East Tower by UC Developments
  • Evora Tower by RUD Developments

Secondly, the mixed-use projects in New Capital City, include:

  • Vinci by Misr Italia
  • Al Maqsad by City Edge Developments
  • La Vista City by La Vista Developments
  • Parklane by El Attal Holding
  • Atika New Capital by New Plan

Residential Compounds in New Capital City

Last but surely not least, the residential compounds in the New Capital area include but are not limited to:

  • Castle Landmark by Cred Developments
  • Serrano by New Plan Developments
  • The Curve by Corner Stone Development
  • The Capitalway by Landmark Developments
  • Entrada New Capital by Sorouh Developments

Final Thoughts

To sum up, New Capital represents the vision of a futuristic city that blends cutting-edge technology with sustainable urban planning and modern living solutions.

With its smart infrastructure, sustainable solutions, world-class facilities, and economic opportunities, New Capital City provides a high quality of life for its residents.

Want to be one of those residents? Check out New Capital City‘s listings now to get your home, office, or clinic in the city through Nawy with a seamless experience.

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Oro New capitalNew Capital City5,575,380 EGP
Oro New capitalNew Capital City5,575,380 EGP