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SBay Sidi Heneish Project Unparalleled Features

SBay Sidi Heneish Project Unparalleled Features
SBay Sidi Heneish Project

It’s that time of year when escaping the city and enjoying a beach lifestyle is a perfect idea! And Cleopatra Developments made sure your go-to vacation destination is ready to welcome you into a splendid state of luxury and convenience. It built the SBay Sidi Heneish Project over a large area of land in the North Coast, providing you with impeccable amenities and elite summer homes.

In this article, we will go on a tour around the Smeralda Bay (SBay) Resort’s unparalleled features.

SBay Sidi Heneish Project

Vacations are meant to be fun, and tranquil, and when luxury is added to the equation, they turn into perfection. That’s why Cleopatra Developments constructed the Smeralda Bay (SBay) Sidi Heneish Project with unparalleled services and facilities.

Cleopatra Developments divided Smeralda Bay into areas, named after Italian coastal cities: Sardinia Bay Beachfront, Sanremo Bay Seacliff, Smeralda Bay Lagoon, Sicily Bay Botanical Garden, Salo Bay condos, and Paradise Cove. Each area includes its distinctive features.

The resort is spread across 250 acres of land in the North Coast, with 7 levels of sea views of the crystal clear azure waters. It exhibits a variety of amenities that guarantee you enjoy a distinctive state of luxury.

SBay Sidi Heneish Project isn’t only a vacation destination but also somewhere perfect for a private event or as a wedding destination. And now you will know why.

Smeralda Bay Amenities

Your stay in the SBay Project (Smeralda Bay) in Sidi Heneish will be like no other because it features:

  • A luxurious hotel with 5-star hotel services. No more housekeeping if you don’t desire.
  • There is a wide range of water features, varying between pristine beaches, swimming pools, and private islands.
  • Vast greenery and natural landscapes.
  • Jogging and cycling tracks for all sports enthusiasts.
  • Fully integrated sports facilities.
  • A kid’s club for your young loved ones.
  • An elite wellness center for you to rejuvenate your mind.
  • A commercial area with a variety of designer boutiques, fancy retail options, and world-class F&B venues.
  • Exciting nightlife options.

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Unravel this unmatchable state of luxury when you own your beach home in the SBay Sidi Heneish Project.

Smeralda Bay Units

The developer constructed a notable collection of units in SBay with distinctive layouts and designs. They vary between standalone villas, twin houses, townhouses, and chalets.

The units in Smeralda Bay Resort exhibit a bewitching private sea view or a lagoon view.

Additionally, it won’t be a long drive till you reach your beach home in the resort.

SBay Sidi Heneish Project
SBay Sidi Heneish Project

Smeralda Bay North Coast Location

As can be seen, the location of Smeralda Bay is on the 247th km of Alexandria – Marsa Matrouh Road, and it is:

  • 50 km away from Marsa Matrouh City Center.
  • 245 km away from Alexandria City Center.
  • 400 km away from Cairo City Center.

It won’t be a long drive from your urban home, so are you ready to unravel a lavish beach experience in Smeralda Bay? Contact Nawy now via WhatsApp to own your summer home in SBay Resort, and our consultants will help you throughout the process.

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Smeralda Bay Sidi Heneish -SbaySidi Heneish
Smeralda Bay Sidi Heneish -SbaySidi Heneish