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The idea behind Gaia 

GAIA is the Greek goddess of the Earth who is ordinarily depicted as a beautiful woman enclosed by fruits. In ebb and flow times, some earth specialists use the term GAIA to mean the general living planet. This is what the project hopes to have on its premises – a living planet that offers all the services that make life complete.

Gaia's Architecture 

GAIA combines contemporary and Arabian basic styles in order to allow occupants and visitors to experience the best of the two worlds. While the contemporary layout offers more space, huge windows, light, with a view sitting over the sea; the Arabian compositional style blends in genuineness, adds a sumptuous style and gives an agreeable mood. The venture satisfies all needs as it gives a collection of styles from stand alone Villas to twin houses, duplexes, chalets of one, two and three rooms and Cabanas. 

Gaia's Location 

Gaia is strategically placed on the North Coast far from the bustling multitude of the populace and in the ideal spot of Ras El Hekma. Only 194 KMS from Alexandria. It is a calm yet unprecedented retreat.

Master plan

About developer

Al Ahly For Real Estate Development
Al Ahly For Real Estate Development
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The company was founded in 1994, a joint stock company according to the Egyptian law section 159 for year 1981. The company partners are The National Bank of Egypt, which is the largest bank in the Middle East and was established since 1898. The bank has a share of 40% and the other 60% is by the Sabbour Family. The Chairman of the company is Eng. Hussein Sabbour, who is known for establishing one of the first engineering consultancy firms in Egypt and turning it into a prominent real estate business that exists today. The projects range geographically all over Egypt, from the capital city Cairo and its outskirts all the way to the Red Sea and the North Coast. And ranges industrially amongst commercial, residential and touristic projects.

One of Egypt's premier real estate developers, Al Ahly For Real Estate Development prides itself in providing its customers with the ultimate luxury, quality, service, comfort, and technology while adhering ti the highest environmental standards.

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