Modon Mega Towers in New Capital City by Modon Developments

New Capital City, Egypt

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By Modon Developments

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Unique Selling Points at Modon Mega Tower New Capital

Unique Design

Modon was eager to design the Mega Tower Hotel in the New Administrative Capital, which will be one of the largest hotels in the New Administrative Capital.

When the hotel was built, the business that constructed it followed security and safety regulations by installing the most recent firefighting equipment, as well as security cameras and other security and safety precautions.

The hotel has a ground floor and ten floors, with the following units spread among stores, administrative offices, and hotel rooms:

-Shops occupy the ground and first floors.

-The cities of the third and fourth floors are allocated to the administrative offices that include the headquarters of the most famous companies.

-While the fourth to sixth floors were allocated to hotel units that were finished using the finest materials.

-Sky Villa units occupy floors 7 to 10. The Sky Villa units are one of the advantages of Modon Mega Tower Mall in the capital, which was unique to Modon before other commercial and administrative malls in the Administrative Capital.

About Modon Mega Tower Compound

Modon was eager to acquire a parcel of land with sufficient area to allow for the construction of the mall, as well as to provide it with service facilities and landscaping spaces so that Modon's customers would have an ideal working environment in a mall with ample room.

In general, Mega Towers occupy an area of approximately 8,500 square meters, with approximately 80% of that area dedicated to landscaping and service amenities, while structures occupy only 20%.

Modon Mega Towers New Capital Location

Modon has chosen one of the most distinguished locations in the downtown area of ​​the new administrative capital, near many axes, main roads, vital landmarks, and service facilities that are steps away from you, as follows:

-Mega Mall is located just steps away from the Government District.

-Mega Tower is close to the Islamic Cultural Complex in the new administrative capital.

-You get a distinctive view of the Green River in the capital; Where you can reach it in just 3 minutes.

Property Types in Modon Mega Tower New Administrative Capital

The units and their spaces vary in Mega Tower in the new administrative capital to suit the needs of Modon Real Estate Company clients and those wishing to invest in the capital.


-Administrative Offices

-Hotel Apartments

-Sky Villas