PRE DevelopmentsEl Sheikh Zayed, Egypt
7,900,000 EGPStart Price

Launch Details

PRE Developments launching soon IVOIRE, 77 acres in the heart of Sheikh Zayed.

Available Types

15,900,000 EGPStart Price
278 m2
7,900,000 EGPStart Price
220 m2


El Sheikh Zayed, Egypt

Launch Description

Ivoire Compound Unique Selling Points

Inspirational Views

The compound offers breathtaking views of the landscape areas around the compound, making it the perfect serene and tranquil environment.

Flowing Water Features

The sound of the water features at Iviore Compound gently flowing creates a soothing atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and meditation away from the city noise.

About Ivoire Compound

Pre Developments established Ivoire Compound on a land size of 77 acres, to be 180 meters above sea level to write a new chapter of distinctive luxury residences.

The compound has a unique design, elegantly combining modern-day function and aesthetic form to create a visually stunning look. 

Location of Ivoire Compound

 Ivoire Compound lies in close proximity to many places such as:

  • El Rabwa Compound
  • Etaba Compound
  • Hyper One Market
  • Arkan Plaza
  • Al Ahly Sporting Club 
  • Zed Park Zayed
  • Nile University

Property Types At Ivoire Compound

Ivoire Compound includes different types of properties to meet all needs and preferences as it includes duplexes and standalone villas.