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Ora DevelopersEl Sheikh Zayed, Egypt

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For the first time, Solana - New Zayed by Eng Naguib Sawires are releasing duplexes, lofts and condos fully finished.

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El Sheikh Zayed, Egypt

Launch Description

Unique Selling Points of Solana New Zayed


Solana New Zayed features a world-class clubhouse that offers a myriad of leisure activities and lounging areas where you can spend quality time with your loved ones.

Parks & Water Features 

All properties in Solana Compound have awe-inspiring views of lush greenery and water features. Also, Solana is introducing a brand new concept, the multi-layered gardens, that perfectly complements Solana’s modern houses. 

Educational Facilities

Solana Compound includes an international school and a daycare center, so your children can have quality education seconds from home. 

Commercial Area

In the Solana New Zayed Compound, there is a significant commercial area that includes various international brands and local boutiques. The commercial area of Solana Compound also includes a multitude of restaurants, cafes, and fine dining venues. 

About Solana Ora New Zayed 

Rolling on 316 acres of land, Solana New Zayed Compound by Ora Developers is established to become a true testament to luxury yet comfortable living. The compound is filled to the brim with world-class services and facilities, ensuring that Solana Zayed residents can live with the highest standards. 

The amenities of Solana include but are not limited to sports facilities, community centers, medical facilities, serviced properties, cycling & running lanes, electric charging stations, and entertainment venues. 

Solana New Zayed Location

Ora Developers was keen on choosing a strategic location for the Solana Project to maximize the comfort and convenience of residents. Accordingly, Solana location is in the heart of New Zayed between Dabaa Corridor and Middle Ring Road, just a stone’s throw away from:

- VYE Compound

- Belle Vie Compound 

- Sphinx Airport 

- Cairo - Alexandria Desert Road

- Waslet Dahshur Road 

Property Types in Solana New Zayed 

The Solana Ora New Zayed Compound boasts a distinctive collection of high-end villas varying between standalone villas, twin houses, and townhouses. Each property type has its own range of options that differ in sizes, layouts, designs, and prices.