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Properties For Sale in Gouna: An Earthly Paradise

Properties For Sale in Gouna: An Earthly Paradise
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It all started with a one-man crew hunt for a spot to build a house and a small boat jetty, to reach this place that was defined as ‘The Paradise Out Of Desert’. Many properties are for sale in Gouna which is known for its cerulean dazzling water, that would enchant you with its sensational mountains and how dawns would look like from over there.

In this blog, we will bring to you the properties that are for sale in Gouna, a town of elation.

For Sale in Gouna

Orascom Development has made El Gouna one vibrant community, although being originally a desert; with many hotels, resorts, and residences, to fit into your daily life’s goals.

You can find many properties for sale in Gouna, that would make a perfect house for your next vacation, and/or the perfect home for your next chapter.

Varying from chalets, apartments, townhouses, and villas, the units that are for sale in El Gouna and known to be a standout, certainly, outlining purity through bricks.

Chalets for Sale in Gouna

You can find Kamaran offering you chalets that would markedly suit your needs.

  • A 47 sqm chalet costs 196,136 USD.
  • A 62 sqm chalet costs 251,546 USD.
  • A 91 sqm chalet costs 362,172 USD.

Apartments for Sale in Gouna

Meanwhile, Fairways, Miramar Residence, and Shedwan offer you a great variety of apartments to choose from.

  • There is a small area apartment in Fairways with a 50 sqm, and costs 213,045 USD.

Larger area apartments are also available for sale at the moment.

1-bedroom apartments are available in:

  • Fairways with an area of 75 sqm, and costs 312,182 USD.
  • Miramar Residence with an area of 115 sqm, and costs 521,678 USD.

2-bedroom apartments are available in:

Miramar Residence has two 2-bedroom apartments with 150 and 195 sqm of area.

  • The 150 sqm apartment costs 801,574 USD.
  • The 195 sqm apartment costs 1,027,155 USD.

Twin houses in Gouna

In addition to chalets and apartments, you can find a twin house for sale in Gouna in Cyan, with an area of 165 sqm, and costs 30,237,500 EGP.

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Villas in El Gouna

There are also villas for sale in Gouna in Art Island, The Nines, Shedwan, Ancient Hill, North Bay, Pearl, and Fanadir.

3-bedroom villas can be found in:

  1. Art Island has a 200 sqm area villa and costs 715,529 USD.
  2. Shedwan has a 178 sqm area villa and costs 969,604 USD.
  3. Northbay has a 244 sqm villa and costs 1,387,346 USD.
  4. Fanadir has a 450 sqm villa and costs 4,545,420 USD.

4-bedroom villas can be found in:

  1. Art Island has a 216 sqm villa and costs 856,597 USD.
  2. The Nines has a 192 sqm villa and costs 905,000 USD.
  3. The Nines has a 189 sqm villa and costs 936,000 USD.
  4. The Nines has a 208 sqm villa and costs 943,000 USD.
  5. Fanadir Bay has a 450 sqm villa and costs 4,420,730 USD.

A 5-bedroom villa can be found in:

  • Pearl has a 300 sqm villa and costs 2,334,500 USD.

You can now own a property in El Gouna with prices starting from 196,135 USD to 4,420,729 USD.

Please note that the prices of the available properties are constantly updated. For the latest updates on the price list, please check out El Gouna’s listings.


Whether you are thinking of owning the property for the sake of vacation or having a life in Gouna, you can now contact Nawy via WhatsApp to book your property, and one of our consultants will reach you right away.

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