The compound is designed like a small oriental city, adapted to modern living needs. All the apartments have spacious yet private outdoor areas, completely secluded from public view and with direct access to at least one of the nine swimming pools. Each apartment contains at least two views, which also creates natural ventilation. The Scarab beetle holds a strong symbolic reference to the country. In Ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle has always stood for good fortune, resurrection and life. “That is how we see the club: it is pure joy, it is good life. We have master-planned the club around the scarab beetle, giving it the same clear and unique design layout,” he said. Executing the Scarab Club project with an international team, Rothkegel states that developing this project has been a constant pursuit of beauty, the simple pleasures of life, and the extraordinary. “That is why the Scarab Club will appeal to all the senses,” Rothkegel concluded. Of that, we have no doubt.

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Scarab Club
Scarab Club
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Scarab Club architect and project manager Amir Rothkegel is accustomed to working on topnotch projects, but in his opinion, the Scarab Club is special. “We had the idea of creating a very special place that appeals to all the senses, a place that soaks up the energy of its surrounding” he says.

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