Scenario in New Capital City by Akam Developments

New Capital City, Egypt

Compound Prices


3,075,000 EGP

Max Price: 7,883,982







By Akam Developments

Payment Plans

Plan 1

Down payment
Installment Years
4 Years
Monthly Instalment
Delivery payment

Plan 2

Down payment
Installment Years
6 Years
Monthly Instalment
Delivery payment


Unique Selling Points at Scenario New Capital

Unique Design

The compound was implemented in the capital with the latest new and distinct international designs at the highest level of contemporary style and is very distinctive in its engineering design and decorations, and the company is working on designing the exterior facades of the units with a print of sophistication and architectural progress.

The engineering design was also carried out by a group of world experts in designing a scenario project, and this is what distinguishes our project, the scenario of the New Administrative Capital, from the rest of the Administrative Capital projects, to live within your scenario, you and your family.

Vast Green Spaces

These are the most important features of housing in new residential cities in general. In the scenario, the area of ​​81% is parks, and green land is one of the most important attractions.

About Scenario New Capital Compound

Akam Developments company was keen to implement the compound on an area of ​​39 acres, to accommodate a large number of residential units to provide the ideal luxury life for many customers.

However, the number of housing units did not overwhelm the service area, as the company hired the best engineering consultants in Egypt to plan the project in an optimal way that achieves psychological comfort for its residents.

The company assigned many criteria to the designers of the compound, which must be met within the compound, the most important of which was the availability of large areas of green natural life, which are represented in gardens, landscapes, and water bodies, which came on an area of ​​81% of the compound area.

These green spaces came to provide the residents of the compound with great psychological comfort, and the company was keen to provide many recreational services and various facilities in various parts of this space to meet the needs of all customers.

While the buildings came on an area of ​​only 19% of the total area of ​​the compound and were implemented according to the latest international designs.

Scenario Compound Location

The company chose the location of the Administrative Capital Scenario project in the seventh residential neighborhood R7, close to important landmarks within the administrative capital.

The company also chose one of the most prominent plots offered within the seventh residential district, which is Plot A2, which has a distinctive view of 4 main streets with a width of 70 meters.

- The Scenario project is located a few minutes away from the Bin Zayed axis, the most important axis in the Administrative Capital, and the ring road that connects Greater Cairo.

- Scenario Compound has a very short distance from the Green River, estimated at only 5 minutes.

-In 5 minutes, you can also reach Expo City and the Diplomatic Quarter.

-The compound is separated from the New Administrative Capital Airport by a period of 15 minutes, while it is separated from Cairo International Airport by only 30 minutes.

-The compound is located within 15 minutes of the presidential palace and the financial and business district.

Property Types in Scenario Akam New Capital

In scenario new capital, there is a multiple and varied package of residential spaces and different prices that suit all different groups. The compound is divided into (apartments - duplexes - twin houses) with various areas to allow customers to choose what suits them.