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Akam Developments is one of the largest companies in the Egyptian real estate market. With a presence in more than 25 countries, the company can serve a large and diverse range of customers. By catering to different tastes and requirements, Akam Developments can reach a larger audience and expand its business.

The Egyptian real estate market has been booming in recent years, and Akam Developments has been one of the leading companies in the space. Founded in 2017 by experienced professionals with over 20 years of experience in the Egyptian market, Akam's goal is to continue expanding its portfolio and investments and to bring new ideas and innovative projects to the market.

The company's success is attributed to the Board of Directors, which has extensive experience and shows the projects their integrity without any shortcomings and the ability to confront any company.

-Mr. Essam Mansour is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

-Mr. Saad Al-Ghaithi is the Managing Director in the Board of Directors.

-Eng. Hisham Kandil is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

-Mr. Idris Mohamed Kabir is the Customer Officer.

Akam Development’s Top Projects

As a company, Akam has a lot of experience when it comes to real estate projects - big and small. They've worked all around Cairo and even up on the New Capital. And, they're continuing to grow and take on new challenges. Some of its more recent projects include:

-Scenario in the New Capital 

-Ainava in the New Capital 

-Scene 7 in the New Capital 

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