Lagoon Beach Park Mountain View I City New Cairo in New Cairo by DMG

New Cairo, Egypt

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Unique Selling Points at Mountain View Icity Lagoon Park

Swimmable Lagoons

Lagoon Beach Park is introducing vacation life in the city, as it features swimmable lagoons that have 25,000 sqm of crystal blue water. It is well known for its cutting edge filtering technologies that will allow you to swim in the finest waters and have a magical vacation-like experience.

The Beach Club

The Beach Club serves as the community hub of Mountain View Icity Lagoon Park. With a multitude of water sports and activities,The Beach Club is a place where you can let your mind, body and soul unwind. The water sports include kayaking, jet surfing, paddleboard yoga and many other fun activities.

About Mountain View Icity Lagoon

There are countless studies that show the effect of a vacation on our minds and bodies. With that in mind, Mountain View Icity New Cairo decided to give you an all year long vacation. In the Lagoon Beach Park you will get to experience city life by the beach.

The Lagoon Beach Park is one of the best districts in Mountain View icity New Cairo, as it lets you live in Cairo and enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle. While simultaneously living a quiet life by the beach and having a never ending vacation. 

Mountain View Icity Lagoon Park’s Location

The Icity New Cairo compound has a prime location, so you will live by the beach without compromising convenience and short commutes. Mountain View Icity New Cairo location is surrounded by landmarks such as the AUC campus, Mountain View I and Mountain View II. It also has easy access to various roads including the Suez road and El Thawra street.

Property Types in Mountain View Icity Lagoon Park

With a mesmerizing view of turquoise water and a breeze of fresh air, properties in Lagoon Park are a dream turned into reality. The properties come in all shapes and sizes with types varying between beach houses and apartments. As well as iVillas with gardens and standalone villas. Overall the properties have a wide area range of 150 to 340 sqm.