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IL MONTE - Townhouse

Il Monte Galala, Ain Sokhna, Egypt

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4 Bathrooms







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- IL MONTE GALALA has a timeless familiarity with its iconic surroundings, gently rolling vegetated hills dipped in soft morning mist to greet the Red Sea’s tranquil views. A graceful prelude to luxury living at its best. Wake up to unobscured views of sapphire blues or simply take a dip in mountain-top lagoons cascading to embrace the Red Sea’s serene hues. Designed with your comfort and nature in mind, IL MONTE GALALA has divided Il Galala mountain’s rugged landscape into “Seafront”, “Mid-level” and “High altitude” zones, all interconnected by flowing waterways, native flora and fauna, board - or the Ancients, water was not just a crucial part of everyday living, but also key to their wellbeing, art and religion. IL MONTE GALALA-Sokhna draws on that tradition with architecture that reflects not just the vital role of water, but which takes also for its inspiration the wind-shaped form of the surrounding desert. The project has been aesthetically designed, transforming urban Egyptian design

Unique Selling Points at Il Monte Galala

Mountain-top Lagoon

Il Monte Galala features the world’s very first mountain-top lagoon, rolling on 200,000 sqms to meet a marvelous 11 kms shoreline. 

Adventure Park

The luxurious destination includes a mountain-top adventure park that offers a wide number of leisure activities. The adventure park has one of the largest outdoor climbing walls, open climbing areas and calm areas that can be used for bonfires and meditation. As well as campsites, rope climbing, hiking trails and mountain biking.

Desert Park and Nature Walk

Il Monte Galala’s Desert Park and Nature Walk is a replica of the Egyptian deserts giving you an exclusive opportunity to spend your days in the wilderness without any risks. The area is filled with educational signs and interactive activities to help children learn something while having fun. With birds chirping and gazelles wandering around, the desert park is also perfect for animal lovers.

Mountain-top Promenade

In El Monte Galala there is a one km promenade nestled on top of a mountain, 170 meters above sea level. Making it a great place to relax and unwind or enjoy a gourmet meal with a picturesque view in one of the various high-end restaurants.