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Founded in 2003, ARTIC is a subsidiary of Al Faisal Holding which is headquartered in Qatar. ARTIC is involved in real estate development, acquisition and leasing with a main focus on the hospitality sector and hospitality-related services. ARTIC’s continuous growth and development presents its clear vision to be one of the world’s leading international hotel groups.

ARTIC’s current investment portfolio contains over 26 famous and iconic units in prime city center and resort locations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Europe and North America. In addition to its hotel portfolio, ARTIC directs its investments in complementary industry sectors, producing business and financial synergies across its operations. ARTIC is vigorously expanding its investment portfolio through acquisitions or property development, always maintaining an unwavering focus on asset quality, location and architectural design.

ARTIC’s entrepreneurial approach, solid financial position and commitment to the best business standards have all played a part in its success and ability to maintain strong, long-term partnerships with high-profile industry operators. ARTIC will continue to seek out new investment opportunities which are aligned with its strategy and which will enable ARTIC to achieve its vision of becoming a global enterprise of uncompromising, world-class quality and a sought-after partner of choice in the hotel and hospitality industry.

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