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Metawee Group is a group of companies that specialize in real estate investment, touristic development and construction, with an authorized capital of 1.7 billion Egyptian pounds. It was established in 1998 by Mohammed Mustafa Metawee with the purpose of carrying out residential, commercial and administrative projects that provide comprehensive services. Today, the group employs 250 employees, as well as other casual and indirect labor workers. The group also relies on the expertise of an outstanding team of administrators and engineers to identify the most suitable locations in terms of geographical factors, as well as to plan and implement projects using state-of-the-art technology and the most modern construction approaches, all the while guaranteeing best use of space and high quality design. Metawee Group has focused on the Fifth Settlement (El Tagamu El Khames) area in its investments – a rapidly growing area boasting a luxurious environment that appeals to the group’s target demographic with a purch

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